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NMIMS Students Rock with a 20% Growth in PPIs and PPOs

NMIMS School of Business Management, Mumbai, India’s premier B-School and has been c...

Dec 03, 2016   11:38 IST  

20,271 Ph.D’s in Social Sciences and Only 177 Ph.D’s in Entrepreneurship in Last 16 Years: EDII Study

Universities in Maharashtra awarded 25 Ph.D’s in Entrepreneurship in last 16 years, followed by Karnataka with 18 and MP with 15

Nov 30, 2016   17:11 IST  

The 3rd Inter - Academia Asia Conference, 2016; 28-30 November 2016 at SRM University, Chennai, India

SRM University, Chennai, India in association with Shizuoka University, Japan, is organizing “Inter-Academia Asia (IAA) 2016”, the ...

Nov 29, 2016   16:22 IST  

Crack Open the Health Benefits of California Walnuts with Chacha Chaudhary and Twiggy

It is said that Chacha Chahudhary’s brain runs faster than a computer. To unwind the secret behind his extraordinary intelligence, Diamond Toons has launched a comic book...

Nov 28, 2016   13:49 IST  

Blueair Launches ‘Clean Air For Everyone’ Program in the Presence of Union Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari

Blueair, a world leader in indoor air cleaning technologies, today committed to positively impact the lives of school children in India through a ‘Clean Air for E...

Nov 22, 2016   13:30 IST  

IIT Ropar Celebrates its 5th Annual Convocation

The Indian Institute of Technology Ropar (IIT Ropar) hosted its 5th Annual Convocation on Monday, 21st November, 2016 at their campus. Prof. Ashutosh Sharma, Secretary,...

Nov 21, 2016   16:14 IST  

One Examination, One Fee, One Course Transparent Admissions Process for SRM University – SRMJEEE 2017

The application for the B.Tech admission for the academic year 2017 in SRM University is being launched on Saturday, 19th November 2016. The admission to B.Tech is b...

Nov 20, 2016   11:00 IST  

Oncam Launches New Evolution Stainless Steel Cameras

Oncam, the leading provider of 360-degree video capture and business intelligence technology, today announced the addition of the Stainless S...

Nov 17, 2016   13:23 IST  

Immersive Talks, Interactions and Interviews Take Center Stage at INK Innovations

INK, India’s foremost platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and inspiring stories organized INK Innovations at RMZ Ecoworld in associ...

Nov 15, 2016   15:18 IST  

Heera Group & Dhanda Associates Salutes Nation’s Guardians

“We, as the Citizens of India are morally responsible to take care of the families of soldiers who have sacrificed their life protecting us” said Dr. Nowhera Shaikh, CEO – Hee...

Nov 14, 2016   16:41 IST