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The Retail Jeweller MD & CEO Awards 2023: A Celebration of Leadership and its Commitment to Excellence, Nawaz Modi Singhania was the Chief Guest

The Indian jewellery industry has found its direction towards an organised way of working and is undergoing an unprecedented transformation. Combined with the fast-evolving landscape of jewellery retailing, new...

Jan 21, 2023 13:37 IST  

Women-led Businesses Fostering the Growth of Entrepreneurship in India - Shashank Mani

Like every year, this year also the world's largest entrepreneurial train journey, Jagriti Yatra is going on a national odyssey with the resolve of “building India through enterprise&...

Jan 09, 2023 14:23 IST  

RISE Launches One of India's largest Hackathon RUNWAY GET SET HACK by RISE, Entrepreneurship Edition in Collaboration with Viral Fission

RISE, an innovative, industry-led, tech-first ed-tech platform announced the launch of - RUNWAY GET SET HAC...

Dec 22, 2022 17:06 IST  

The Principle Scientific Advisor to the Government of India Visits the iCreate Campus; Discusses Ways to Accelerate Technology Innovation in the Country

Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India, Prof. Ajay K. Sood, visited the iCreate (International Centre of Entrepreneurship and Technology) campus in Ahmedabad to meet with...

Dec 19, 2022 16:28 IST  

India on the Cusp of Entrepreneurial Revolution: Amarjit Bakshi

India is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial revolution, and that efforts must be made by all stakeholders including industry, governments and academia to create an ecosystem in order to achieve Prime Minister&rs...

Dec 13, 2022 15:10 IST  

44 percent of Youth in Rural India Aspire to Become Entrepreneurs and 9 out of 10 Rural Businesses are First-generation Enterprises

While India surges to become a USD 5 trillion economy by 2025, with over 67 million of its youth and working population in rural India and entrepreneurship emerging as a first choice, there is massive potential...

Dec 12, 2022 17:43 IST  

Work4Progress India Concludes its Annual Workshop on a Successful Note

The Work4Progress (W4P) programme of the "la Caixa” Foundation of Spain, concluded its India platform annual workshop at the Indian Habitat Centre. The programme has been operat...

Nov 30, 2022 12:04 IST  

7th Edition of ASCENT Conclave Witnesses Participation of 1200+ Entrepreneurs

The conclave conducted at Jio World Convention, Mumbai on November 24, 2022, was joined by industry experts, entrepreneurs, and DOERS from across India...

Nov 26, 2022 12:46 IST  

JobsWeMake: Micro Movements of Inclusive Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship has emerged as a response to the changing paradigm of employment in the country. In the cu...

Nov 23, 2022 19:01 IST  

Teenage Social Entrepreneur Sia Sehgal Felicitated by Kinnar Asmita Sanstha for Initiatives to Empower Transgender Community of India

Kinnar Asmita Sanstha (KAS) is an institution that has been making progress toward the skill development and livelihood of the transgender community since 2010. At a gathering of close to 100 c...

Nov 18, 2022 16:27 IST