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Celebrating Success: Parimatch Reflects on the 'She Plays, You Win' Tournament

As the Women's Premier League wrapped up a few weeks ago, Parimatch reflects on the resounding success of the 'She Plays, You Win' Tournament, a celebration of women's cricket that captivated au...

Apr 02, 2024 12:15 IST  

Parimatch Lights up the IPL Season with a Grand Hot Air Balloon Launch

For the second year in a row, the #1 global gaming platform, Parimatch, gives cricket lovers even more chances to enjoy the Indian T20 League, promising not only higher levels of adrenaline rush but also genero...

Mar 27, 2024 11:48 IST  

The Social Impact of Ludo as a Catalyst for Connection

In the contemporary landscape of gaming, Ludo has emerged as a subject of fascination and study among enthusiasts and researchers alike. This classic board game, revitalized through online platforms, transcends...

Mar 20, 2024 11:16 IST  

She Plays, You Win': Celebrate Women's T20 Season with Parimatch


Feb 23, 2024 12:06 IST  

Rush Launches 1 Crore Ludo Tournament #GrandLudoTournament

The Rush App is thrilled to announce its upcoming 3-day online Ludo tournament, set to captivate players from across India. This exciting event promises to be a thrilling experience for Ludo enthusiast...

Feb 22, 2024 17:48 IST  

Mastering online Skill Based Ludo Games

Ludo, originating from ancient India, has seamlessly transitioned into the digital age as a timeless board game. With the advent of online platforms, Ludo has evolved into a skill-based pursuit that demands str...

Feb 22, 2024 13:10 IST  

LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto Celebrates its First Winner

LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto celebrates its first winner, marking a historic moment in the game's journey. Following an intense week of anticipation and nail-biting predictions, many participants h...

Feb 09, 2024 11:48 IST  

Mastering Ludo: Elevate Your Game with these Winning Moves

In the world of gaming, Ludo is a timeless favorite for players of all ages, but to excel at skill-based Ludo, you need more than just basic moves. You must embrace clever tactics to turn the game in your favor...

Feb 08, 2024 15:00 IST  

Parimatch Introduces LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto

Introducing LAKHY Football ToTo: Rs. 10,000 Lotto, brought to you by Parimatch's official brand hero, LAKHY THE TIGER. Known for his commitment to competition and winn...

Jan 16, 2024 16:17 IST  

Babu88 Proudly Announces Sponsorship Partnership with Acclaimed Actress Apu Biswas

In an exciting move that melds the realms of entertainment and online gaming, Babu88 proudly announces its sponsorship partnership with the re...

Jan 03, 2024 13:03 IST