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#EmbraceEquity: Let's All Play a Part in Creating a Fair and Equal World

JobsForHer feels privileged to host the AccelHERate and DivHERsity Awards 2023, India’s biggest Conference and Awards of the Year for Companies Committed to Diversity & Inclusion. The 6th edition of t...

Mar 02, 2023 13:27 IST  

EC-Council Announces USD 3.5 Million CCT Scholarship to Spark New Cybersecurity Careers Globally

EC-Council today announced a worldwide $3.5 million scholarship fund to help train up qualified candidates for entry level cybersecurity jobs as part of a workforce development program to address the critical c...

Mar 02, 2023 09:21 IST  

KelpHR Endorses 5-point Framework to Help Corporates Embrace Equity at the Workplace

In a day and age when women are equaling or, in some cases, outnumbering their male colleagues at workplaces, KelpHR, a pioneering organisation that builds best-in-class HR practices, is rollin...

Feb 28, 2023 15:20 IST  

US-based Future CIO Club to Offer Leadership Skills Training to Indian Techies to Fast Track Careers

Training modules to help take career trajectory from an Individual Contributor to an IT Manager to IT Director to a CIO

Feb 27, 2023 17:06 IST  

GI Outsourcing Announces Corporate Training and Development Partnership with AICPA & CIMA

GI Outsourcing, a leading knowledge process outsourcing provider for global businesses today announced their corporate training and development partnership ...

Feb 27, 2023 15:44 IST  

Techno Management: The New-age Skill that will Ensure Professionals and Organizations Stay Relevant in the Future

“Will AI take away my job,” seems to be the primary question everyone is asking today. There is no simple answer to this, but the truth remains that leveraging AI will help humans do their jobs bett...

Feb 16, 2023 16:59 IST  

EPOS 'Workplace of the Future' Report Explores Global Trends Set to Shape Hybrid Work in 2023

Three years into the pandemic, businesses are dealing with a multitude of crises and are trying to remain productive and profitable. Hybrid work practices remain complex and both business leaders and employees ...

Feb 15, 2023 15:42 IST  

HRKatha to Organise The Great HR Debate, a First-of-Its-kind Event Towards Creating a Uniform Consensus on the Future of HR

HRKatha, India'a leading online HR platform connecting HR professionals, will organise The Great HR Debate on Feb 17, 2023 at The Lalit Ashok Bengaluru. ...

Feb 13, 2023 17:20 IST  

HiLabs Offers the Highest Salary Package of Rs. 2 Crore in their Campus Hiring to a Woman Candidate from the Indian School of Business (ISB)

HiLabs, a leading provider of artificial intelligence-based data analytics solutions for health plans in the United States has offered a 2-crore salary package to a woman candidate from the ...

Feb 07, 2023 13:35 IST  

Theorem India Wins Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement and Management Award at ET Human Capital Awards

At the 2nd edition of The Economic Times Human Capital Awards Theorem India has won laurels by winning the Excellence in Remote Work Arrangement and Management Award. Nirupama Jina, ...

Feb 03, 2023 11:32 IST