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Golden Jubilee Indian Valuers Congress to be Held at Delhi this Year

The IOV Registered Valuers Foundation (RVF) is all set to organize the 50th Indian Valuers Congress on October 12 and 13, 2019 in Delhi. An annual event inaugurated an...

Apr 08, 2019   13:39 IST  

WWICS Launches a Series of Customer Awareness Newsletters

Professionals always have a fascination to go beyond horizons and work abroad. There is so much to learn from a new culture as it is enriching and brings a fresh perspective through different challenge...

Mar 19, 2019   16:46 IST  

Bringing Together the Best in Arbitration: NPAC’s 11th Annual International Conference

The Nani Palkhivala Arbitration Centre (NPAC) will be holding its 11th annual international conference on February 16. The event aims to bring together international speaker...

Feb 13, 2019   15:06 IST  

Kaden Boriss Legal Elevates Four Verticals of Law Practice

Kaden Boriss (KB Legal) a boutique lawyers firm with eleven independent and autonomous coalition offices across eight countries has carved out its unique niche with bounded aspirations...

Jan 24, 2019   13:30 IST  

Enterslice Starts Operations in Bengaluru, India's “Silicon Valley”

With startup and technology firms growing in both size and number in India, along with it comes the demand for reliable, ultra-efficient, cost-effective CPA, Fintech, Virtual CFO, and related services....

Dec 27, 2018   16:00 IST  

Effectual Services Witness Consistent Growth in Past 7 Years

Effectual Services, a global player in patent search, analytics and transaction support, announces consistent growth in past 7 years. The company started with 3 people in 2010 has reac...

Nov 28, 2018   15:39 IST  

According to SEBI, Assured Return Schemes are Illegal, Said Parimal Tripathy, Legal Expert

Easy payment plans promising the assured returns in the real estate sector is now a thing of the past. To lure investors into investing in real estate projects, till now developers were offering assure...

Nov 19, 2018   10:00 IST  

SoOLEGAL Leverages Technology to Facilitate lawyer-client Connect Based on Skill Set

The Internet has given lawyers a new avenue to expand their legal practice, and clients the access to professionals willing to help them in their ordeal. While most online legal platforms in India help...

Oct 30, 2018   16:12 IST  

e-Governance Platform SoOLEGAL Helps Law Practitioners Grow their Practice and Transform at an Individual and Professional Level

Envisioned and developed by New Delhi based Sun Integrated Technologies and Applications (SITA),...

Sep 29, 2018   13:02 IST  

Indian Enterprises Ill Equipped to Deal the Third Party Risk

No company can function as an island and as our eco system broadens it typically deals with many entities like customers, partners, affiliates and others.  When organized together these entities form what ...

Jun 11, 2018   13:35 IST