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Medical Experts Advise on Safe Insulin Injection Practices and Enhanced Care of People with Diabetes During COVID

On the occasion of 99th anniversary of Insulin Injection Day, Forum for Injection Technique & Therapy Expert Recommendations (FITTER) India experts advised to adopt correct insul...

Jan 12, 2021 16:30 IST  

Youth Empowerment Key to Atmanirbhar Bharat: Population Foundation of India

With a complete disruption of lives and economies due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequent impact on young people, investment in young people and adolescents has become even more critical than before. As...

Jan 12, 2021 15:13 IST  

Mahavirprasad Saraf Completes Six Decades of Selfless Social Service

Quenching the thirst of lakhs of commuters in Mumbai, setting up benches at public places for the tired people, arranging for healthcare and wellness of the underprivileged, providing good quality education to ...

Jan 11, 2021 11:56 IST  

Masks, Hand Sanitizers and Vaccines May be Protective but Insufficient

What if we shift our focus away from protective care to preventive care? We may become self-sufficient at last


Jan 04, 2021 15:14 IST  

BCIC Recognizes Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility with its Maiden Edition of CSR Impact Awards

The Bangalore Chamber of Industry & Commerce (BCIC), an Apex Chamber of Commerce representing large and medium industries in the State of Karnataka. organized their first-ever edition of ...

Dec 29, 2020 13:40 IST  

GovernEye Announces Results of Survey to Find the Most Helpful Lok Sabha MPs During COVID Lockdown

GovernEye Systems, a New Delhi based citizen engagement platform, is trying to find out how in the future we can be best prepared for an unexpected crisis like a pandemic that requires a strict...

Dec 21, 2020 16:07 IST  

Dr. Manjiri Bakre of OncoStem Diagnostics Recognised as One Among the Top 25 Voices in Precision Medicine Asia

Dr. Manjiri Bakre, CEO and Founder of Bengaluru-based oncology focused company OncoStem Diagnostics, has been recognised as one among the ...

Dec 17, 2020 12:44 IST  

Speaking the White Truth - Building a Better World for Dairy and Farm Animals

International animal welfare organisation, World Animal Protection has today submitted a detailed report to the government of Delhi, comprising the learning...

Dec 17, 2020 12:17 IST  

10th National Laadli Media and Advertising Awards Recognizes Hard-hitting Gender Sensitive Content

Usha Khanna wins Lifetime Achievement Award, Reshma Pathan gets ‘Woman behind the scene’, Ariel’s #ShareTheLoad wins big, ‘...

Dec 16, 2020 16:42 IST  

Two Sisters Launch Anti-bullying Campaign 'Stop The B' to Raise Awareness Among People

Teasing, taunting, calling names, inappropriate sexual comments, threatening to cause harm, leaving someone out of purpose, embarrassing someone in public, hitting, kicking, pinching, spitting, pushing, making ...

Dec 16, 2020 15:47 IST