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Nokia to Deploy Innovative Technology Solutions under its Collaboration with Save the Children for Efficient Response During Disaster

- Completed phase 1 of the program to protect children during disasters in 176 villages


Aug 19, 2015   14:30 IST  

Godrej HIT Launches its Nationwide Movement - ‘Desh Ke Har Kone Se Machharon Ka Safaya’ with the Hit ‘TrackTheBite’ App

Godrej HIT has been a thought leader in building mass-awareness against mosquito borne diseases and has executed man...

Aug 18, 2015   18:15 IST  

Civil Society Appeals to Policymakers to Declare Acute Malnutrition as a National Emergency, to Save India’s Children Dying of Hunger

The Town Hall Meeting: Increasing commitment and accountability to combat Acute undernutrition – A Framework for Action held on 22nd July, 2015 was organized collaborative...

Jul 24, 2015   17:42 IST  

Campaigners Rally in India Ahead of Finance Summit

action/2015, one of the world’s largest civil society campaigns, is leading several public actions in India and worldwide, calling on government leaders to use Financing for D...

Jul 14, 2015   15:00 IST  

Telegu Superstar, Mahesh Babu Honors Veers for their Outstanding Achievements

As part of the ThumsUp Being Human VEER campaign, some special People with Disabilities (VEERs) who have re...

Jun 23, 2015   11:25 IST  

Veer to Play a Role in Government’s Program of Skill Training 5 Lakh Persons with Disabilities

Thums Up Being Human VEER – a campaign of strength and self-belief, to generate awareness and advocate for inclusivity, accessib...

May 21, 2015   16:30 IST  

Ingersoll Rand India Inspires Progress with their Social Responsibility Initiatives in India

- To focus on a PPP model that will allocate resources in education, sustainability, healthcare & sanitation, skill-development and livelihoods

Mar 25, 2015   13:25 IST  

CSR Hosts Parallel Event in New York During #CSW59

Centre for Social Research hosted its parallel event during the 59th Commission on the Status of Women, in New York and discussed the initiatives by Government and NGOs t...

Mar 18, 2015   17:42 IST  

AAP Supports Feminism, Joins #FeministFeb

Centre for Social Research launched its campaign ...

Feb 12, 2015   18:22 IST  

NewsX Presents ‘No Country For Women’

Two years after the horrific Nirbhaya gang-rape case, the recent rape case by Uber driver reignites the big question ‘How safe are women in India?’ NewsX, the channel of choice dedicates a special h...

Dec 15, 2014   21:25 IST