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Tobacco Industry Uses Metaverse, Advergames, NFTs to Target Youth and Skirt Advertising Regulations

A new report by Vital Strategies’ TERM, an AI-powered marketing monitoring service, found that tobacco companies are fighting declining global smoking rates and stricter advertising regulations by investi...

Dec 08, 2023 16:22 IST  

New Campaign "Promise To Protect" Launched on Gandhi Jayanti to Save Students and Youth from Harms of Tobacco

So far, over 1 lakh pledges by school teachers and students have been taken to build a tobacco-free future

Oct 03, 2023 11:20 IST  

Parliamentarians Appeal for Strengthening of Tobacco Control Laws to Save GenNext

Consumption of tobacco is taking a high toll on the health of Indians as more than 1.3 million people die annually due to tobacco-related diseases in the country. Considering this grave scenario, People...

Aug 06, 2022 17:07 IST  

Multi-Stakeholder Partners Support the Development of a Research Network for Tobacco Control in India

A multi-disciplinary group of stakeholders including researchers, academia, government representatives from the Ministry of Health, Government of India (MoHFW, GoI), WHO and civil society, convened in a Researc...

Mar 15, 2022 17:57 IST  

Consumer Groups to Hold Webinar on Tobacco Harm Reduction

Consumer groups in the Asia-Pacific are holding a webinar on 26 September 2020 to encourage countries in the region to acknowledge tobacco harm reduction (THR) as a human right and discuss the merits of smoke-f...

Sep 22, 2020 13:48 IST  

Ex-smokers say Quitting is Tough, Call for Robust Cessation Ecosystem

Quitting smoking on one’s own is hard and takes many attempts to succeed, which can be overcome if smokers have access to diverse cessation options, former smokers said during a webinar organised recently...

Sep 02, 2020 17:42 IST  

Butt out the Cigarette Butts with Let's Do It India's "Fugitive" this World Cleanup Day

Let’s Do It India is the Indian division of Let’s Do It World, a global not-for-profit that aims to tackle environmental and social problems related to mismanaged waste by engaging ...

Aug 11, 2020 16:35 IST  

E-cigarette Users in India to Observe World Vape Day on May 30

To mark their win in the battle against smoking, over 40 million vapers from across the globe will come together on Saturday to celebrate World Vape Day. In India, the representative body of e-cigarette users, ...

May 28, 2020 12:54 IST  

Vapers to Celebrate World Vape Day on May 30

Millions of e-cigarette users or vapers across the globe are celebrating World Vape Day on 30 May 2020, a day before World No Tobacco Day. World Vape Day aims to raise awareness on e-cigarettes or vapes and enc...

May 26, 2020 12:25 IST  

Vapers Ask Centre to Revise Position on E-cigarettes

Ahead of a global meet in November 2020, vapers in India have written a letter to the Union Ministers asking to revise the government's position on smoke-free nicotine products such as electronic cigarettes...

Apr 03, 2020 13:39 IST