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Rodic Consultants Celebrates International Mountain Day with Trekking Expedition, Emphasizes Mountain Conservation and Well-being


Dec 11, 2023 17:02 IST  

Happiest Health's Mind Matters Summit: Bringing Global Experts Together to Understand Mental Wellness Better

In today's fast-paced world, it's easy to overlook the importance of our mental and emotional state, but the truth is that our mental health plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. While harmful stereo...

Dec 07, 2023 12:01 IST  

Homegrown D2C Brand Factor Notes Unveils Its Premium Curated Planners for 2024

Homegrown D2C brand, Factor Notes is thrilled to announce the launch of its highly anticipated premium curated planners for 2024. Rooted in the essence of curated premium planners, these artist...

Dec 06, 2023 13:32 IST  

Lotus Arts De Vivre Forays into New Delhi at Strrot

Tucked away in the embrace of a lush, green paradise near Connaught Place, Lotus Arts de Vivre, finds home at a store in st...

Dec 01, 2023 17:54 IST  

Orangetheory Fitness India Redefining Fitness Success Amidst Rapid Growth

Amidst the bustling and competitive terrain of India's fitness industry, a new frontrunner emerges - Orangetheory Fitness, a global fitness brand rapidly making waves in the country's health and wellnes...

Dec 01, 2023 11:41 IST  

Royaloak Unveils the Stunning Comeback of Its Country Collection

Royaloak, India's go-to furniture brand, is thrilled to announce the re-emergence of its beloved Country Collection, showcasing the brand's dedication to top-tier international furnitur...

Nov 30, 2023 16:48 IST  

Amazfit Balance Smartwatch Launched in India: Elevating Balanced Living with AI-powered Features - Sale on 4th Dec 2023

AI-empowered Features for the Ultimate in Balanced Living


Nov 29, 2023 12:50 IST  

Skybags Unveils Exclusive 'Skybags x The Archies' Backpack Collection

Skybags, the vibrant youth-centered brand from the House of VIP Industries, has announced an exciting collaboration with the upcoming Netflix original movie ‘The Archies&...

Nov 24, 2023 15:57 IST  

Being Strong Bags Fitness Upswing, Unleashes Unique 'Proton Series'

In the fitness space, it holds an identity entirely on its own strength and merit. Over the years, it has fetched hearty acceptance from the abiding followers of Salman Khan. Being Strong. The fitness label is ...

Nov 10, 2023 13:52 IST  

Urban Yog Turns Women's Two Biggest Foes #NothingToWear and #JhaaduJaiseBaal into Friends

Women of today are busy managing their work and life with an ongoing war between what to wear and how to manage their unmanageable hair. The struggle never ends. With an increasing urge to prove themselves, wom...

Nov 09, 2023 11:35 IST