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Gurugram Gets CT Scanner and Ophthalmology Unit for Pets

CGS, hospital DLF Phase 3 becomes first in India to have CT scanner and Ophthalmology Unit

Nov 28, 2018   10:33 IST  

Pawsome Tails Redefining Pet Care in India

Mumbai based startup Pawsome Tails is offering one of its kind healthcare services for the Pets. The site enables pet owners to avail best in class healthcare for their furry friends r...

Nov 15, 2018   15:42 IST  

Irresponsible Use of Antibiotics Linked to Poor Welfare Conditions of Dairy Animals and the Risk of Superbugs

World Animal Protection is extremely concerned about the recent incidents of milk contamination coming to light, particularly from peri-urban and urban dairies. Reports about the level...

Nov 12, 2018   15:13 IST  

All the Indian States Must Include Animals in Disaster Plans to Save Communities

Today, to mark International Day for Disaster Reduction, World Animal Protection is urging the central government and all the state governments to ensure that efforts to reduce disaster risk include an...

Oct 13, 2018   12:33 IST  

World Animal Protection Asks Dairy Companies to End Cruelty in Dairy Sector

On World Animal Day today, World Animal Protection is urging the dairy companies to work towards ending cruelty in the dairy sector. A World Animal Protection team rec...

Oct 04, 2018   15:15 IST  

Animal Planet Sharpens Focus on Conservation with a Brand-new Philosophy ‘Humans Like Us’c

Animal Planet, India’s number 1 wildlife channel that immerses viewers in entire spectrum of life in the animal kingdom with high quality content, has adopted a new brand philoso...

Aug 10, 2018   16:33 IST  

World Animal Protection Urges Indian Travellers to Avoid Animal Entertainment Venues in Bali

100% of venues with captive elephants, tigers, dolphins or civet cats didn’t meet basic needs of animals in captivity

May 22, 2018   15:14 IST  

World Animal Protection Calls on the Government of India to Invest in Cleaner Oceans

World Animal Protection welcomes the recent announcement by the Government of India to invest in upgrading the fishery and aquaculture infrastructure. Many people in India depend on the sustain...

Mar 08, 2018   15:42 IST  

Image Recognition Software Reveals Impact of Cruel Wildlife Selfies on Social Media

On World Animal Day, World Animal Protection is launching a Wildlife Selfie Code for tourists to lea...

Oct 04, 2017   12:43 IST  

World Animal Protection Report Reveals Exploitation of Thousands of Elephants in Asian Countries, Including India

Countries in Asia, including India, continue to grow the captive elephant industry for elephant rides and performances to meet irresponsible tourist demands.



Jul 06, 2017   16:48 IST