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Survivors of Child Trafficking Unveiled 60 Feet Long Street Art, Meant to Honour Journey of their Lives at Captivating Street Art Exhibition

The outer wall of BR Ambedkar Memorial located next to Le Meridian Hotel in New Delhi, turned into a canvas to display one-of-a-kind Street Art Exhibition centered on a very grim issue of child...

Oct 09, 2017   17:15 IST  

Art Across Boarders - India Bahrain Art Exchange Initiative

Art Bahrain Across Borders, (ArtBAB), the Kingdom of Bahrain’s premier contemporary art fair & curated artists program under the patronage of Her Royal Highness Princess S...

Oct 07, 2017   11:25 IST  

Phoenix Marketcity Celebrates Bengaluru International Art Festival


Event: ...
Sep 05, 2017   18:15 IST  

Learn How to Make Eco-friendly Ganesha at Phoenix Marketcity


Event: ...
Aug 23, 2017   13:45 IST  

Rouble Nagi to Host The Country’s Inaugural India-Bahrain Art Exchange Initiative

Eminent artist, philanthropist and award winning sculptor Rouble Nagi is looking forward to welcoming and hosting international Bahraini artist from Bahrain over an evening at a multi-cultural ...

Aug 18, 2017   17:54 IST  

Kerala Tourism Organises a Roadshow in Gurugram

Kerala Tourism, with its year-long marketing activity campaign which commences with the summer campaign that lures summer travellers from the month of April to September, reach...

Aug 17, 2017   19:38 IST  

National Handicraft Enterprises Presents Eco-friendly Diwali & New Year Gifts in Ecoleatherette at Gift India Exhibition

Under the Make in India initiative by PM Modi, Delhi’s leading Environment-friendly Ecoleatherette product manufacturer, National Handicraft Enterprises (NHE), i...

Aug 07, 2017   13:11 IST  

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Meets Miniature Artist Suvigya Sharma

Indian miniature artist Suvigya Sharma makes a new mark in history - does a hyper real portrait of Hon. PM Narendra Modi and present it to him at the Prime Minister’s Off...

May 23, 2017   15:10 IST  

Indian Miniature Artist Suvigya Sharma Unveiled a Hyperreal Boxing Portrait for Justin Bieber


Canadian Singer Justin Bieber, who will be performing today at the most awaited concert in India, has an avid interest in boxing and is a boxing contender himself. Bringi...

May 10, 2017   15:21 IST  

Max Kids Festival at Phoenix Marketcity Bangalore with ROB



Apr 20, 2017   14:44 IST