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Cretorial Announces the Launch of the Enterprise Version of its AI-powered App that Simplifies Social Media Content Creation for Millions of MSMEs and SMBs

​Simplifying social media posts using artificial intelligence for brands and consumers.


Oct 01, 2022 12:46 IST  

The Pune Chapter of the Bloggers Alliance Launched and Badal Saboo Appointed as the President at the Face of India 2022

The dawn of the new era of the digital world and keeping pace with the latest social trends by constantly offering something creative and new for Fashion explorers to experience; Pune Fashion Week & BAES ch...

Sep 03, 2022 15:57 IST  

Bloggers Alliance Celebrates World Social Media Day

Bloggers Alliance celebrated World Social Media Day today, and the team reflected upon the achievements and misses of past 3 years. Co-founders Dr. Amit Nagpal and Devendra Jaiswal recounted th...

Jun 30, 2022 17:14 IST  

StreamKar Launches a Language Filter for its Audience

When individuals get the liberty to get their voice out on social media or a live streaming platform like StreamKar, a certain level of judiciousness is expected from them and their content. In...

Jun 28, 2022 16:50 IST  

'Official Sponsors of Investing' Social Media Campaign by goes Viral

The 15th edition of the IPL has once again seen a flurry of activity amongst advertisers where everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and cash in on the frenzy. As per data available from TAM Sports...

Apr 21, 2022 16:19 IST  

Parul Ohri Stepped Down as the Editor of the Popular Parenting Platform-Momspresso

The Editor of Momspresso, Parul Ohri, has stepped down from her position as the Editor of the popular parenting platform. Momspresso is a leading platform that provides content for mothers and expecting mothers...

Apr 11, 2022 16:50 IST  

IBM Partners with We-Ace to Amplify Voices of Women (VOW); A Blogathon for Women

VOW (Voices of Women); an exclusive online writing contest for women powered by IBM and presented by We-Ace has provided a platform for women to share their thoughts on trending topic...

Apr 04, 2022 13:00 IST  

HDFC Life Insurance Launches KlarifyLife

An un-boring way to understand life insurance


Mar 28, 2022 16:13 IST  

Kalp Vaidya, A Growing Social Media Influencer and Blogger, Shares how the Lockdown helped him Build his Identity Online

Kalp Vaidya, an Instagram influencer from Vadodara, Gujarat, gained recognition on social media during the COVID-19 lockdown. An enthusiast and go-getter at heart, he started his online journey a few months ago with the spirit of achieving something big. His initial journey st...

Feb 03, 2022 13:36 IST  

FactDr Ventures into Elective Laser Surgeries with their New Vertical - goficure

FactDr introduces goficure; its new venture, an elective surgery platform based in Bangalore. goficure has partnered with specialty hospitals and some of the top surgeons and doctors in Bangalore. It is committed to providing cost-effective surgical assistance...

Feb 01, 2022 13:29 IST  

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