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IoT & AI Innovation India Conclave 2018

7th Edition of IoT and AI Innovation Conclave, 2018: Enhancing Human Cognitive Outcomes

Sep 17, 2018   16:12 IST 
Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

Industry leaders from the tech-media-telecom to the healthcare sectors congregated at the Taj Vivanta, Bengaluru, to discuss the scope and future of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in India. One of the largest thought leadership fora on technological disruption in the country, the ‘IoT & AI Innovation India Conclave 2018’ drew over 25 eminent speakers from key industries and 200 senior business executives, and spoke on how their organizations have benefited from the ability to get real-time data from IoT devices. The availability of IoT data can reduce cost, increase accuracy and increase efficiency, providing solutions to eliminate mundane tasks in everyday life. Mr. Aman Khanna, Founder & Director of Konnect Worldwide Business media strongly believes that over the years this conclave has proved to be a unified platform to connect all the business leaders across various verticals of businesses to network, innovate, and ideate. We always strive to incorporate trending topics in the conclave which directly connects to the ongoing developments in the industry.


Mr. Aman Khanna and Mr. Rahul Sindhwani, Konnect Worldwide, with Dr. Aloknath De, VP Samsung and Mr. Kuldeep Malik, Mediatek


Our childhood used to be full of Granny's ghost stories and suddenly door opens up, light gets dimmed automatically. Today's IoT, coupled with AI, brings those stories to reality. The conclave brought out how digital technologies are ushering in societal transformation and customer values. Engineers are dealing with challenges to make systems intelligent enough for our smooth interaction with them without compromising our privacy," said Dr. Aloknath De, Corporate Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Samsung R&D.


Artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things need to combine to monetize and grow opportunities. Connected devices, smart learning, and predictability go together in the enabled world of technology - AI is imperative to enhance IoT. Growth coming from enterprises investing in technologies to analyse, organize and access unstructured data indicate the huge AI-IoT potential. The forum that Konnect has provided here brings the industry together in order to realise this,” said Mr. Kuldeep Malik, Director-Corporate Sales, India, Mediatek.


The Conclave has consistently evolved with the time. In its 7th edition it has addressed issues that are on most progressive organisations’ radar. The knowledge of the speaker and audience proved insights on various topics that we at Gaia are embracing. We wish the best to the Konnect Worldwide Business Media team,” said Bipin Pradeep Kumar, Co-founder and Director, Gaia Smart Cities.


About IoT & AI Innovation India Conclave 2018

The conclave highlights the most innovative advancements in technologies which are currently affecting IoT in India. There were sessions dedicated by industry experts providing their insights derived from personal experiences within their domain covering the following topics:

  • AI driving digital disruption

  • Future of IoT in India and the strategy for business disruption & Innovation

  • Emerging Business Trends & landscape in wearable and consumer IoT products

  • Future of Smart cities with IoT in India


Mr. Aman Khanna and Mr. Rahul Sindhwani, Konnect Worldwide, with Dr. Aloknath De, VP Samsung and Mr. Kuldeep Malik, Mediatek
Mr. Aman Khanna and Mr. Rahul Sindhwani, Konnect Worldwide, with Dr. Aloknath De, VP Samsung and Mr. Kuldeep Malik, Mediatek
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