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Singers Raveena Mehta and Rishabh Kant to Launch their New Single 'Aaja Mere Naal'

Jun 24, 2020 10:47 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Aaja Mere Naal is an exceptional musical experience featuring singer Raveena Mehta and producer/composer and singer Rishabh Kant. Aaja Mere Naal is an Indian retro/pop 2020 release, encompassing love, separation, and longing. This song sets an intimate mood as it begins with a striking chord progression and leads on to a charming reminiscent journey of drifted lovers. The artists, Raveena Mehta and Rishabh Kant allure listeners in with their powerful voices and tone. Aaja Mere Naal amalgamates various western contemporary/gospel and Indian classical elements to create a unique and unforgettable musical experience.


Singer Raveena Mehta and Rishab Kant (Stills from song Aaja mere Naal) 


After receiving such an amazing response for her song ‘Yaadein’ with singer Avitesh Shrivastava, Raveena is back with a fresh collaborative single “Aaja Mere Naal’ to mesmerize her fans with her singing and acting talent. “This song and the music video creates a mood and allows the audiences to delve into a world very different from the one we are currently experiencing,” says Raveena Mehta, the Singer, Actor, Screenplay writer of ‘Aaja Mere Naal’.


Aaja Mere Naal


Rishabh Kant is the producer, composer, and lyricist of Aaja Mere Naal, apart from also lending his brilliant voice to the track. He has previously produced Kehndi Haan Kehndi Na by Sukriti and Prakriti Kakar and worked with MC Altaf on their track Karke Dikhaneka. He is a musician to watch out for!


This beautiful escapade was shot in London and encapsulates the beauty of each venue. In times where travel is increasingly becoming more aspirational and difficult; it is nice to be able to watch another world altogether. The video ends with a cliff hanger and allows the audience to visualize the ending they prefer.


Aaja Mere Naal’ is a collaboration between Raveena Mehta and Rishabh Kant. The music video is produced by Dimple Mehta. This melodic masterpiece will be launched on Raveena’s youtube channels on the 24th of June 2020. 

Singer Raveena Mehta and Rishab Kant (Stills from song Aaja mere Naal)
Singer Raveena Mehta and Rishab Kant (Stills from song Aaja mere Naal)
Aaja Mere Naal
Aaja Mere Naal
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