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Find your Sunrise, Says Author and Healer Anushree Painuly Announcing her Book Launch 'Sunrise Beyond the Dead End'

Jul 13, 2020 13:23 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

The author has announced the launch of her book, ‘Sunrise Beyond The Dead End, a heart touching, inspirational novel that claims to change one’s perspective of life.


Sunrise Beyond The Dead End


The book touches crucial mental and emotional issues like societal pressure, professional rat race, relationships, depression, which have become an integral part of today’s materialistic society. Sunrise Beyond The Dead End talks about holding on to hope even in the darkest of times.


Author: Anushree Painuly


The story revolves around the life changing journey of its protagonist, Sharan and as it progresses it bounds the readers to introspect their own lives and explore their world of everlasting bliss.


People don’t imbibe as much from self-help books or lectures as they do from a good story. This is the reason children are taught through stories. The same principle holds for the grownups too. We all carry a sensitive and emotional child inside us, the one who could be best taught through a story that touches his heart. Sunrise Beyond The Dead End can be considered a self-help fiction that will help people find their sunrise,” said Anushree Painuly, Author of the book who is also a healer and actor by profession.


Captivatingly narrated, the character and incidents of the book are extremely relatable and real to life. Several incidents in the book are powerful enough to evoke nostalgia.


In times when suicide rates are at all time high and every other person is suffering from depression and loneliness, books like Sunrise Beyond The Dead End are much needed.


(Where to buy: E-book available worldwide on google play books. Paperback format available on Amazon, Flipkart & ShopClues).

Sunrise Beyond The Dead End
Sunrise Beyond The Dead End
Author: Anushree Painuly
Author: Anushree Painuly
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