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Jump Networks Ltd. (JUMPNET) En-route to Achieve Higher Growth in FY 20-21

Aug 10, 2020 12:07 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

BSE and NSE Listed, Jump Networks Limited (JUMPNET) is a technology company that provides next generation digital services on ultra-low bandwidth to the historically under-served sections of the society. The Company’s mission is to help the “Next Billion” users cross the digital divide. The integrated ecosystem ‘JUMPNET’ - physical and digital network offering - allows them to reach audiences most others cannot. With offices in multiple locations, B2B & B2C businesses and a strong and experienced team, JUMPNET’s vision is to explore the $100 billion+ opportunity in India alone.
There are 1.2 billion mobile users in India - 50% reside in rural areas. By 2023, internet users are expected to rise by 40% and number of smartphones to double and monthly mobile data consumption per user is growing at 152% annually - more than twice the rates in the US and China. All these opportunities will benefit Jump Networks Ltd. Their strengths lie in tapping the opportunities in regions where others are not providing services like streaming of digital services and content.

The Company’s offerings include
JUMP: Jump Network Ltd.’s first direct-to-consumer brand - JUMP offers a multitude of digital services including but not limited to high-definition video and audio streaming, unlimited Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, unlimited audio calling, unlimited video calling, amongst others. Jump is device, operating system, and network agnostic - making it a rare platform that is focused on democratising digital content for the masses.

JUMPNET’s technology also enables them to impact the education sector directly and thus, was born, Edmission. Edmission offers a ‘phygital’ model of education for learners and educators across the world. It is also the first truly democratic platform for educators to reach out to potential learners by having access to completely equipped studio shoot facilities as well as an integrated learning management system (LMS).

GAIA means ‘Earth’ and at JUMPNET, their ecosystem is incomplete without a direct connect to Mother Earth. GAIA AgriTech works with farmers of the Konkan region to produce organic milk and eggs in a transparent, no middle-men, technology driven environment. Using technology, GAIA AgriTech intends to ensure all farmers have complete KYC, every step of production and payment will be stored and authenticated securely as nodes in JUMPNET’s data centres providing a completely private, secure and distributed network.

   Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Jump Networks Ltd.

JumpTalk is a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service and a video conferencing solution for businesses that enables users anywhere in the world to make high-quality audio and video calls to anywhere in the world. The power of JumpTalk lies in its backend technology that allows callers to call ANY device, be it smartphones, feature phones or even landlines! At extremely affordable prices, the user avails of unlimited calling by using a simple application.

Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Jump Networks Ltd., says, “At JUMPNET, we have always believed that our shareholders are our most important asset. As we grow, we want to continue to share the wealth we create with them and that’s what prompted us to adopt a dividend policy where we have reserved a minimum of 10% of our net profit after tax to be distributed amongst the shareholders. We hope to continue to generate more wealth for all our stakeholders.” According to market circles Jump Networks Ltd. is an excellent buy due to its unlimited growth potential.
About Jump Networks Limited
Jump Networks Limited is a proprietary digital ecosystem that is providing next generation technology services on sub-optimal networks to the “Next Billion” i.e. populations that have not crossed the digital chasm. The ecosystem system aspires to create state-of-the-art, affordable technology solutions to build, develop and facilitate the sustainable digital inclusion of the masses across the globe.

Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Jump Networks Ltd.
Harshawardhan Sabale, Managing Director, Jump Networks Ltd.
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