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Universal Mednets' MyMediLocker Crosses the 1.5 Million Personalised Health Locker Mark

MyMediLocker is a unique app-based digital locker for medical and health records accessible at a click of a button

Sep 01, 2020 18:19 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

MyMediLocker, a part of Universal Mednet Private Limited, a SAAS enabled health technology company providing comprehensive tech-based solutions to enable better health care services to the citizens of India, has recently announced crossing the 1.5 million personalised health locker landmark. MyMediLocker is one-of-a-kind concept with a definitive solution to manage the personal health data of patients. The user-friendly App overcomes the challenges of misplacing health records. The platform is highly encrypted, which enables patients to record, store, and manage their health history. MediLocker empowers patients to carry and use their data anytime, anywhere.


Moreover, the doctor interface of the App allows medical professionals to access a patient's health files after consent from the individual for future referencing and communication with patients through the platform itself. An additional feature of the App is that it allows patients to discover new doctors, pharmacies, and diagnostic services nearby. A soon to be announced, new upgrade to the App will give an online OPD feature to its users.


Universal Mednet Private Limited is in line with the recent announcement made by Honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi about the biggest reforms in our healthcare system, The National Digital Health Mission (NDHM). The program aims to empower citizens while giving them access to an organized and self-consented health data management system, which can make the health records available anywhere and anytime, as per his or her requirement. The core building blocks of the NDHM proposed architecture, such as UHID (a Unique Health ID), Digi-Doctor (A Doctor registry), and Health Facility Registry, will be managed by the Government itself. However, private participation is assumed to play a vital role on the patient's side. Private players like MyMediLocker are building their services in line and have the potential to support the PHR system, giving an interface to the patient, which connects him or her with the entire digital ecosystem. The NDHM further suggests the standards as well as data portability architecture to facilitate data exchange across the digital health ecosystem, which all players will need to abide by to become a part of the ecosystem.


 Mr. Rohit Raheja, Director, Universal Mednet

Talking about reaching the landmark and being open to support the Government with unifying the healthcare system of India, Mr. Rohit Raheja, Director, Universal Mednet, says, "We are happy to reach the milestone and have the Prime Minister's vision at the core of our offering. Lack of a complete health record has been the greatest challenge in our healthcare system and keeping this in mind, we have been providing health lockers to patients via Hospitals since 2018. It is encouraging to know that we are in the right direction to provide healthcare solutions to the citizens of the country. While the blueprint of unifying the healthcare system is in place, we are looking forward to the fine print plan from the authorities. We are open and willing to support the Government to accomplish the goal and provide last-mile connectivity to work for the patient's advantage."


MyMediLocker captures and moves over 2500 records daily. The App has also tied up with state Governments, Government Medical Colleges, Private Medical Science institutes, diagnostic centres and polyclinics.


About Universal Mednet Private Limited

Universal Mednet Private Limited is a health technology company based in Mumbai city. A rapidly growing healthcare SAAS company. The company provides a comprehensive Tech-based solution to enable better health care services to centres all around India. The core solutions the company offers are: advanced Teleradiology Platform (ATP) – Cloud-based teleradiology platform, iMedix: A Telemedicine solution for large OPDs and Hospitals, Radiology Service Providers (RSP) – Remote Radiology reporting service, an aggregator platform for remote reporting and Universal MyMediLocker – Personal health record management APP.

Mr. Rohit Raheja, Director, Universal Mednet
Mr. Rohit Raheja, Director, Universal Mednet
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