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LeadExperts is the Disruptor of Sales Ecosystem in India, says Founder Kajal Dubey

Sep 30, 2020 15:16 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Irrevocably, sales is the backbone of any business. For entrepreneurs just starting out, or well-established enterprises, investing in well-trained sales professionals is a mammoth task, which is also indispensable due to the very nature of its criticality in the organisation.


Ms. Kajal Dubey, Founder, LeadExperts


Those who do invest also have to align sales resources as per their business goals, train them, and invest heavily in getting sales qualified leads. And this crisis has forced both startups and enterprises to reimagine their sales processes.


With growing job uncertainty, increasing pressure on the employees to attain the organisational goals, and also due to the easy access to knowledge portals to individuals, there’s a rapid shift in terms of the number of entrepreneurs. New business models are sprouting up every day, be it B2B or B2C. While sales is usually undermined against the primary service or product offering, it can make or break a business. Entrepreneurs, in general, are deeply involved in building the product that sales is no more a priority.


LeadExperts, India’s first sales consulting platform, aims to address the above problem by on boarding highly skilled sales professionals and enabling companies to align their sales and marketing goals while offering complete sales advisory and execution support.


Unlike conventional advisors, LeadExperts has developed a unique, action-based approach. Not just consultation, the company's sales consultants train their clients’ sales teams and provide end-to-end execution for sales and marketing so that the entrepreneur can focus on optimising their product or service offerings.


With time, the sales cycles are evolving. People are shifting to digital, and while traditional media is still impactful - it is losing its sheen. The team at LeadExperts comes with years of experience building sales strategies that work. They help not just generate leads but convert potential clients into recurring customers as well.


According to Ms. Kajal Dubey, Founder, LeadExperts, “Most businesses face problems in generating new leads and building upon relationships which would turn their one-time customers into recurring ones. The situation becomes more severe when the marketing and sales strategies of the business are not aligned, leading to discouraging ROIs and unnecessary apprehensions about the marketing channels chosen. At LeadExperts we help companies to chart out the most optimal of sales and marketing strategies through the advice and execution support of cross-domain sales experts.“


LeadExperts, according to Kajal, is the first venture of its kind that doesn’t work on generating leads alone but driving those leads towards closures.


The company offers consulting and execution support across the entire customer journey for numerous sectors. Backed by dedicated marketing strategies and audience-centric efforts, the company enables businesses to generate leads and drive sales within the shortest possible time frames.


LeadExperts's key offerings span across identifying blind spots, multi-domain sales, marketing support, digital asset development and promotion, and sales modeling.


Commenting on future plans, Kajal added, “Eventually, we plan to align experts from multiple business processes. The perspective of an outsider, coupled with insights from different industries, will help our clients scale faster.” Just like Infosys was a game-changer for the IT ecosystem, enabling businesses to outsource their IT requirements - LeadExperts, in a similar fashion, aspires to be the sales support system for startups and enterprises alike.

Ms. Kajal Dubey, Founder, LeadExperts
Ms. Kajal Dubey, Founder, LeadExperts
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