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Kaustubh Sonalkar Launches his Maiden Book 'Fetch Your Own Coffee'

A leader’s take on life lessons in a book that imparts leadership skills

Oct 07, 2020 12:07 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Kaustubh Sonalkar multi-faceted individual is delighted to announce the launch of his maiden book ‘Fetch Your Own Coffee’, a unique volume of several chapters blending the day to day involvements and understandings from various fields of our life spanning corporate culture, interpersonal relationships, leadership, politics, poetry, music, sports and Bollywood among others.


Cover of Kaustubh Sonalkar's book ‘Fetch Your Own Coffee’


Kaustubh, who finds wisdom in everyday experiences, goes beyond knowledge and practices shared by other books, thought gurus, or leadership talks and digital videos. He draws inspiration from numerous experiences that he has gathered in life. He believes that we do our best thinking when our minds are free to wander, and the minds are free when we do routine and simple tasks like fetching a cup of coffee or watering the plants.


Fetch Your Own Coffee is a compilation of such incidents and experiences – both from his personal life and his professional world - that have taught him invaluable lessons. It was only pragmatic on his part to pass on his skillful intimacy with countless aspects of life that has earned him great expertise and capability besides knowledge, to the young and budding leaders of today's generation.


Apart from this, his unflinching commitment to the cause of women empowerment and transgender issues are areas that has been dealt with empathy in several chapters in the book. While the book will benefit all those who are already in various roles business, and is profound enough for veterans to learn lessons from, the chapters have been written with a view to catering to a young student in easy to grasp language.


Kaustubh explains why he chose to pen down his life’s experiences. “Solutions to problems of any kind are always within striking distance, and I derive my lessons from my encounters at workplace - from boardrooms to sports to any other field in equal measure. When an accident cut short my career as a cricketer in Ranji Trophy and crushed my dreams of becoming a professional cricketer, I think I learnt a priceless lesson that every life experience holds a lesson, and that it is our role to learn it and soar on. This book has nothing called ‘Gyan’, but is pure experiences & learning of my life that I absorbed firsthand. And is at the same time, not far removed from reality. When you relate to a real-life story, you learn more than merely reading a book.”


The book is available on:


Kaustubh Sonalkar is amongst the very few truly dedicated social reformers and out of box thinkers. He has followed his passion of Music & Cricket by playing professional cricket in his earlier years and launching a music album while achieving career heights up the corporate ladder, he is living his life’s motto, of ‘equal opportunity’ in most true sense of the word. Besides being a champion of uniform laws at workplace, he is also an established leader known for his social initiatives and unique point of view. He has been robustly guiding the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives focused on the four niche areas - Women Health & Livelihood; Helping Transgender Community; Sports; and Entertainment.

Cover of Kaustubh Sonalkar's book ‘Fetch Your Own Coffee’
Cover of Kaustubh Sonalkar's book ‘Fetch Your Own Coffee’
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