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IITians-led CXOforest Launches a BootCamp for "To be Engineers"

Oct 07, 2020 14:28 IST 
Delhi, India

CXOforest launches national product/app development ‘BootCamp’ in association with the top companies in India. CXOforest is an IT company started by IITians with a vision to disrupt the IT outsourcing model by introducing a managed platform of service providers with an AI-based matching algorithm according to client requirements. (It has 28,000 IT companies on its platform ranging from app development to digital marketing globally).


National Product Development BootCamp


CXOforest has launched a 60 days BootCamp for CSE/ECE/IT students to help them develop real products under specialized mentorship.


Sachin Gupta, CEO - CXOforest, who himself hails from IIT background, says "According to our analysis of 28000 companies, the companies are looking to hire freshers not just with a degree but with some experience on the ground."


The pandemic has forced companies to shift their focus from hiring experienced people to freshers but definitely the expectation is to have some real projects to showcase.


It has bridged the gap between IITs and other engineering colleges and forced companies to shunt out the degree preference.


Sachin Gupta specially mentions, "We are not an EdTech company, We are into mining, cutting and diamond Polishing."


This kind of a BootCamp is unique and has never been done before in India. It enables candidates to have an edge over others irrespective of their grades/college.


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National Product Development BootCamp
National Product Development BootCamp
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