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Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation Source Name: Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation

Boxer Amjad Khan Looks to Provide Opportunities to Youth Having no Platform, Guidance

One man, a million dreams - many accomplished, many more on the way

Oct 12, 2020 13:46 IST 
NCR, Delhi, India

Amjad Khan is a born fighter. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, he is a former boxer, international boxing promoter and even ventured into mentoring young and enthusiastic boxers. Apart from encouraging sportsmanship, he now also promotes a healthier lifestyle through the medium of boxing.


Amjad Khan


Amjad who spent three years with the Indian army, says in a candid conversation, "There are various health and well being problems that the youth of India faces. I find boxing as the closest solution. It promotes stamina and resilience of mind. Therefore, my quest is to take boxing to every corner of the country."


His humble goals reach the people through, Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation and Amjad Khan Boxing Academy. Through his foundation and academy, Amjad has been providing a host of activities that benefit the community and the youth. He promotes young and deserving boxers who cannot afford proper training by looking after their sponsorship and making them fit for international tournaments. Amjad himself has taken part in various international tournaments and his unique insight is very helpful to his mentees. He promotes the cultivation of a healthy lifestyle via boxing. His academy also plans to help students maintain their health by giving out franchisees to schools and colleges.


In recent light, Amjad Khan has been promoting the career of Mandeep Jagra who was an amateur boxer and then turned to professional boxing and will now be going to the USA under the able guidance of Amjad Khan and his foundation. Under his able counsel, International boxer Salman Sheikh is growing and flourishing as well showing his extraordinary progress in international tournaments.


Amjad's aim is to equip as many as 100 boxers from India so that they may participate in international tournaments and bring laurels to the nation.


Amjad Khan Boxing Foundation is definitely one of its kind. Not only does it focus on promoting Indian boxers for international tournaments, it fulfills its moral responsibility of betterment of the society as well.


The foundation has found the kind patronage of some very esteemed people - Mr. Sahil Peerzada (evangelist and philanthropist), Mr. Sandeep Marwah (Founder of Film City Noida). Both of them have always given their humble support and guidance to the foundation in extending its goals to every hook and corner.


Others who support the foundation are - Mr. Alok Ranjan (Retd. IAS officer), Mr. S.M. Khan (Indian Information Service), Mr. B S Rana (Ministry of External Affairs), Mr. Mohammad Wazir Ansari (IPS), Ms. Stuti Kacker (Chairperson, National Commission for Protection of Child Rights), Mr. Bob Yalen (MTK Global), Mr. Vinay Kumar Lavania (Founder Member & Director), Mr. Manasvi Singh (Entrepreneur) Mr. Tanveer Ali (Advocate Supreme Court), Mr. Rahul (Director- Parker Lloyd Group) Mr. Chandan Singh (Pro Boxing Coach) Mr. L.B.Yadav (Marketer & Sports Management), Mr. Manu Jagmohan (Secretary General of NRI Institute) and Mr. Indranil Bhattacharya.


The foundation boasts of a stellar advisory board graced by - Mr. Ayyub Khan (Sugam energy - Marketing) Mr. Sudesh Kumar Singh (Sugam energy - Director) Mr. Shlok Bansal (Bhavy enterprises). ​Mr. Saurabh Pal is Amjad's event manager and oversees the smooth operation of all his event related activities.


Amjad aims to change public health as we know it. His compassion gives the hope of a better future to many boxers, students. He has his medium- boxing and to our minds, he's definitely using it in the right direction to influence a generation to pick up their health and change their lives.

Amjad Khan
Amjad Khan
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