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Leading Coffee Chain "Barista" Opens Biggest Tricity & Punjab Cafe at Sector-68 Mohali

Oct 16, 2020 11:37 IST 
Chandigarh, India

Attention Coffee Lovers! One of the most popular and leading coffee brands in India. Barista has now opened at SCO-15 Sector-68 Mohali, Punjab, near Army Institute of Law. What makes it exclusive outlet of the brand is that it’s Tricity’s & Punjab’s biggest carpet area café which will be offering exclusively launched flavors by the brand that have not been offered yet.


Barista Sector-68 Mohali


The first café in the area that is having a outer garden seating with great green views in an area of 150 sq. yd. which makes this the largest green area outside seating being offered by any café in the state. Keeping all the precautions during the COVID-19 times, the Sector 68, Mohali Barista is equipped with the latest technology, including automatic sanitizer dispenser and thermal screening of staff and customers. Notably its made sure by the management to sanitize the tables and floor every 2 hours.


The Barista café in Mohali is being run by a newly launched hospitality start-up ‘The Black Stallion’. The investors behind the café are Mr. Shivcharan Singh Bhangoo, Mr. Karanbir Singh Goraya, Mr. Mansimranjit Singh Randhawa, Mr. Kanwar Shahbaz Singh Goraya and Mr. Harkanwar Ajit Singh.


Sharing about the vision behind coming up with Barista at Sector-68 Mohali, with media persons, Shivcharan Singh Bhangoo said, “You can spend an entire day at our Cafe and remotely manage your work over a cup of coffee. Apart from mainstream Cappuccino & Coffee enabled beverages, Barista serves a variety of Frappes and Sandwiches which are loved by everyone. Our journey as a preferred partner with Barista is extremely exciting and we look forward to opening many stores in the future.


Another investor, Mr. Karanbir Singh Goraya added, “Healthy amount of coffee intake can actually do you good & we are here to offer you the best product in terms of quality.” “Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drunk. Come try out our great hospitality staff that will be very honored to serve you,” said, Mr. Mansimranjit Singh Randhawa.


Sharing the similar words, Mr. Kanwar Shahbaz Singh Goraya said, “Coffee consumption instantly makes your mind alert. Come try out our coffee paired with your favorite food menu.” 


Barista is a global chain of espresso bars and cafes that operates in The Indian subcontinent. It is headquartered in New Delhi, India and maintains outlets across India, and in other regional countries such as Sri Lanka and Maldives. It is the oldest coffee house chain in India and is currently India’s second-largest coffee chain with 190 outlets as of 2014. It also sells a number of consumer products through grocery stores and other outlets. The chain was established in February 2000 by the Barista Coffee Company Limited under the name Barista.


As an industry expert, one of the owners of Barista Sector-68 Mohali, Mr. Shivcharan Singh Bhangoo answered to our questions related to his café.


Q- Why you came up with the Punjab’s biggest café in Mohali?

A- Mohali is a youth-centric city and is a next industrial capital of Punjab in the near future, so we decided to set up a coffee house and that too of a leading chain here. Besides, the city has a great potential and a café of this caliber has not been opened yet here.


Q- Why you have chosen Barista than other leading coffee chains such as Starbucks or Café Coffee Day?

 A- Barista is having exclusive flavours offered with wide variety of foods that have not been launched in the area yet. So, this was the reason we decided to go for ‘Barista’.


Q-What is your message to you audience?

 A- I would finish this interview with my perspective about coffee as once said “I love it when the coffee kicks in and I realize what an adorable badass I’m going to be today."

Barista Sector-68 Mohali
Barista Sector-68 Mohali
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