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Udgam School and Zebar School

Udgam School For Children & Zebar School For Children Launches a Campaign to Support the Parents in Need

Oct 16, 2020 16:36 IST 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
  • Both the schools created a social platform where parents can pass on their 25% fees cut to the parents in need who are unable to pay even reduced fees for various reasons

  • Many financially-sound and generous parents approached the school management to extend a helping hand to the parents needing more waivers


Stepping further to support the parents who are facing challenges to pay the reduced school fee, Ahmedabad's Udgam School For Children (USFC) and Zebar School For Children (ZSFC) have launched an innovative campaign that can make a win-win situation for all. The schools have come with a social platform where the financially sound parents can let go with their relief of 25% reduction of the fee in favour of those who are still finding it hard to pay the fees of their children. In compliance to the Gujarat Government's Government Resolution (GR) dated 7th October 2020, USFC and ZSFC both have announced a relief of 25% in annual fees for the academic year 2020-21.


Speaking on this initiative, Mr. Manan Choksi, Executive Director, Udgam School For Children and Zebar School For Children said, "Though the state government has clarified on the ambiguity over the school fees for the current academic year, we had received many requests from the parents asking for further reduction in fees citing multiple reasons like job loss, increase in medical expense etc. At the same time, many generous parents had approached us to extend their help by passing on their fees cut to needy parents. Considering our own expenses, we are not able to reduce the fees beyond 25%. We realized the intensity of this matter and come up with an idea to make a bridge between well-to-do parents and parents in need."


Parents at Udgam School For Children and Zebar School For Children can register themselves with their respective class teachers expressing extending the help or to receive help. The school management will prepare a list of such parents and then pass on the relief from helping parents to needy parents. The schools will maintain the complete confidentiality of the parents who have come forward to help, whilst keeping transparency regarding the application of their funds.


"There are many parents at USFC and ZSFC who believe that they can pay full fees without taking the benefit of a 25% fees reduction. At the same time, they also wish to extend a helping hand so that needy parents get some relief in this challenging time. We are confident to get an enormous response for this first-of-its' kind initiative from the parents of both the sides,” added Mr. Choksi.

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