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Raj K Pathak Launches Startup Kunji - Practical Insights for Starting a Business

Oct 19, 2020 10:55 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Mr. Raj K Pathak, a noted veteran in the start-up ecosystem and President WeSpark Entrepreneur Association; has announced his first book Startup Kunji - Practical insights for starting a business. The book is now live on Amazon and is receiving good response from the readers and particularly aspirant entrepreneurs and especially from the start-up community.


Startup Kunji - Practical insights for starting a business


Startup Kunji - Practical insights for starting a business is the first of the series of books which should prove as a practical guide to starting a business. This book captures the experiences of young entrepreneurs, and thus would help the readers get insights into a heuristic approach of the entrepreneurial journey. The book contains interactive and inspirational give-outs from entrepreneurs which should prove to be practical guidance to SRS (start – run-scale) a business.


Speaking on his first book, Mr. Raj K Pathak said, “Startup Kunji - Practical insights for starting a business is not just a book but a guidebook for all aspiring entrepreneurs that will give them a one-stop solution to their lot of queries. Alike school and college Kunji, this book can be a supportive handbook for the academics of the Startup ecosystem as well as fence-sitters to select entrepreneurship as a career choice.”


He further emphasized on the current economic situation, “In the present situation when unemployment is on the rise, the best way forward is to encourage youth to start their own business. The detailed 20 interviews mentioned in the book will surely inspire them and help them to get a practical solution. I hope policymakers will take note of the challenges faced by business owners from setting up small businesses up to scaling up the businesses.”


In the words of Mr. Pawan Hora, Director at Wishbox Studio and one of the entrepreneurs featured in the book, "It was a pleasure to narrate my story to Raj, and I carry immense gratitude for him to consider my life journey worthy enough to guide young entrepreneurs who will be taking with their first steps in entrepreneurship. The use of the word Kunji intrigued me as it was a widely used terminology for the so-called 'guide' books in our school days. But then that is perhaps the purpose of this book; to guide and inspire the youth with 20 entrepreneurial journeys from various business domains. The startup world is mostly canvassed around all the great ideas, brainstorming sessions and success of the venture, but it is imperative that we also showcase the problems that arise and the ways to overcome them. As someone who has spent almost 15 years in the ever-evolving PR and Media industry, if my story can inspire and guide even ten budding minds, I will think that I have given back to the industry that has given me so much recognition. This book is a great initiative by Raj, and I sincerely wish him all the success with Startup Kunji."


This book encompasses the real-life case studies of 20 young Entrepreneurs across the country who have started their businesses, managed to run them and now growing the businesses successfully. The question-answer based interviews of entrepreneurs attempt to capture the insights about the various aspects of the entrepreneurial journey. The majority of the selected entrepreneurs are the first generation owners, the average age being 30 years. Age is an important factor as a lot of aspiring entrepreneurs are young and can able to relate to the book.


The book has highlighted the various aspects of entrepreneurship, both technical difficulties, as well as personal aspects including initial challenges, faced, marketing, HR, fundraising, Government compliances, ease of doing business etc. Entrepreneurs selected come from various sectors like e-commerce, manufacturing, the service sector, exports, waste management, agribusiness, social entrepreneurship etc. 


Through this book, Mr. Raj K Pathak has tried to capture the ethos of being an entrepreneur and the way out to overcome the hurdles of starting a business while at the same time readers are inspired by the insightful experiences of people interviewed in the book.


The book has been published by Turquoise Publication and is now available on Amazon.


About the Author Mr. Raj K Pathak

Mr. Raj K Pathak comes with almost 20 years of extensive experience of working in the domain of the startup ecosystem. Presently in the capacity of being President WeSpark Entrepreneur Association, he is striving to provide a platform to wannabe entrepreneurs spread across the country to connect with information, knowledge and networking to help them start, run and scale their business.


He is well known for conceptualising, directing and producing India’s 1st television show celebrating entrepreneurship namely BUSINESS MANTRA TV show which successfully ran for 100 episodes. He has produced other informative TV Shows for MSME’s televised on CNBC TV Channel namely 'SME CEO Knowledge Series’ which was launched at the hands of Dr. APJ Kalam. Other TV shows conceptualised and produced by him are EXPORTS NAZAREY, ‘INDIA ON THE MOVE’, ‘e-Kranti‘ and few others.


He is an avid reader with traveling as his passion. He is well-traveled across India and also to 44 countries. He lives with his wife and son in Gurgaon.

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