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Visionet India Launched 'Field Catalyst'-Unified Platform to Engage Field Mobility

A Single platform to engage field sales ecosystem, automate field programs and derive insights to ensure alignment of field activities with business priorities

Nov 18, 2020 13:51 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Manufacturers and distributors are facing multiple challenges in managing their field employees like:

  • Seamlessly interacting with the entire field ecosystem – retailers, distributors, sales officers, etc.

  • Aligning a geographically dispersed and diverse field force with the current business priorities

  • Confirming whether initiatives undertaken in the field have resulted in tangible business impact at a local level


Visionet India, premier technology solutions and business process Management Company has launched Field Catalyst - A single platform to engage all business stakeholders by automating field programs & deriving insights to ensure alignment of field activities with business priorities in Manufacturing and distribution business be it Field Sales ecosystem, business managers & distributors or retailers.


The current scenario has forced most of the manufacturing and distributor companies to think about how to manage their field force ecosystems effectively and the marketing spends they are making on field activities are in line with business priorities or not.


At Visionet, our SMEs ascertained that in a post-COVID world, all companies will look for a solution which is viable in terms of engagement and gives better visibility on business activities aligned to business priorities. People will keep working from remote places, the distribution universe is too diverse to be physically reached out by all the business stake holders, but the FOS deployed in each corner could be managed as per business demands on day to day basis. Similarly, field activities could be planned and monitored at single window in tune to business, yielding better results for the organization. In response, we came up with the solution called Field Catalyst.


Field Catalyst is a one stop solution for improvised field force automation, field ecosystem collaborators (collaboration between field force, retailers, distributors, and end users) & field insights and analytics.


Features which set Field Catalyst apart are

  • Real time monitoring - Enhanced productivity

  • Ecosystem alignment - Distributors, retailers & sales officers on one platform

  • Data analytics - Offline data collection negating the data loss

  • Attendance monitoring - Geotagged, timestamped selfie based attendance.

  • On the go approval - on the go leave and expense approvals

  • Pro-active management alerts - Better governance and real time business decisions


On the launch of Field Catalyst, Mr. Alok Bansal, MD & Country head Visionet India, said, “We came across many use cases where people were looking for a one stop solution to managing field force, getting insights for business decisions and deciding for business activities in line with business priorities and we came up with the idea of “Field Catalyst”- which is a complete package for all these problems. It is ready to use, reliable as it is tested thoroughly at multiple stages and could be customized as per client need.”


The solution is created in a way that it could be used on all platforms, it is usable on mobile, web and integration to any CRM is very easy to implement.”


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Visionet Inc is a premier information technology, consulting and business process management company that delivers solutions to enable its clients to do their business better. Visionet delivers winning business outcomes through its deep industry experience and a holistic view of "Business through Technology”. By combining digital strategy, customer-centric design, advanced analytics, Visionet helps its clients create successful and adaptive businesses. A company recognized globally for its comprehensive portfolio of services, a strong commitment to sustainability and good corporate citizenship, Visionet has a dedicated workforce of over 5600 serving 350+ clients in 4 continents and 14 countries.

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