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Fitday a One-stop Solution for All Wellness, Nutrition and Fitness Needs

Nov 25, 2020 15:09 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

Hyderabad based Fitday Pvt. Ltd. serves as a one-stop solution, an omni-channel of e-commerce ( and offline stores, for wellness, nutrition, and fitness needs. Fitday’s mission is to make Nutrition an equitable right; it is a necessity, not a luxury. Fitday is an offshoot of their parent company Genomelabs Bio Pvt. Ltd., a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility.


Fitday Store in Hyderabad


Mr. Suresh Raju, Founder, Fitday said, “As an omni-channel company, Fitday has 3 retail stores up and running in Hyderabad, along with a strong ecommerce presence. We are expanding the presence to other cities to make Fitday a pan-India brand. The stores are designed to be an experiential space. One can review products in-person, avail Nutrition Counseling from a certified professional, and have unlimited follow-ups free of charge. Alongside, we also offer a free BMI and health check-up (in-stores) and help them re-evaluate goals towards their health journey.”


To further support the endeavor of being a one-stop solution, Fitday has a panel of professionals, Fitday Experts panel, professionals from the Medical, Sports, Nutrition, and holistic wellness realms to help the clients gain expert advice and additional support via the Fitday platform. Fitday also runs the popular #Fitblog where one can read articles on various conditions, products, find curated recipes, and additional written information to help themselves on their journey to becoming an individual empowered to take charge of their health, and life.


Genomelabs uses extensive R&D to create products that best serve our needs for a holistic life by focusing on researching, developing, manufacturing, and processing Nutraceutical, Ayurceutical, and Cosmeceutical products in their R&D facility based in Hyderabad. They have successfully launched product lines- Super Herb, Super Diet, Hi-Volt, Floney, and AyushKwath – an immunity booster that has gained wide popularity for its efficacy during the current pandemic time.


Fitday hosts products from Genomelabs and several other brand partners like Nestle, Himalaya, Optimum Nutrition, Fast & Up, Isopure, etc. Alongside, Fitday hosts Korean Ginseng products; an herb that is unparalleled in its medicinal efficacy towards various conditions, like dementia, erectile dysfunction, cancer(s), anti-aging etc.


Fitday online:


Fitday stores in Hyderabad Located at: Madhapur, Kondapur and Jubilee Hills  



Fitday Store in Hyderabad
Fitday Store in Hyderabad
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