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Source Name: Launched a Platform to Fight Against Real Estate Scams in India

The platform aims to help tackle the issue of the increasing Real-estate frauds in India

Dec 04, 2020 15:01 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Real Estate Scam Fighters, a Gurugram-based organisation has launched a platform to help investors navigate and identify real-estate scams and frauds. As the real-estate sector expands in India, so has the entire gamut of real-estate scams, from rental frauds to bait and switch schemes. The complex nature of real estate disputes and an absence of industry gatekeepers has led to the issue compounding manifold in recent years. To alleviate the growing concerns of investors, this platform, created by a team of Industry watchdogs from various verticals like legal, media, real estate & banking, offers information to anticipate and solutions to mitigate these scams.


Platform has already received requests against few prominent developers for subvention schemes & other offers for investigations. Investors facing issues with builders can apply for help on


Acting as an unbiased and open forum, it seeks to address the extremely critical information gap, in order to educate and make aware all potential investors with the sole aim of threat protection from fraudulent schemes. While consumers today are better-versed with laws and are equipped with information, this platform focuses on debunking schemes as well as offers legal and media advice to individuals who find themselves unwilling victims of these schemes and scams. The platform also provides basic preventive tips to individuals who are planning to invest in real-estate businesses and multiple redressal options. A healthy dose of caution, coupled with accurate information is what Real Estate Scam Fighters are offering through their novel platform.


About Real Estate Scam (
Scams and frauds associated with the Indian real estate sector are growing with our legal system biased towards builders. While consumers are informed but they are highly susceptible to scams & sugar-coated schemes. The organisation, Real Estate Scam Fighters is formed with a basic mission to debunk various Frauds in the real estate sector and create awareness for the investors. We are a team of Industry Watchdogs from Legal, Media, Real estate & Banking sectors who are working towards creating unbiased platforms where everyone can hear the investors voice for quick resolution.

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