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NOFILTER Stream - A Sociotainment Channel by SocioLadder is back with Episode Two Starring Tapsee Pannu on 9th December 2020

Dec 09, 2020 14:47 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India (A charity transformation and fundraising platform) announces “Bharat WashED” a mission to provide clean drinking water, sanitation, hygiene, and better infrastructure to support underserved schools in India post the pandemic through NOFILTER Stream.


SocioLadder is back with Episode Two Starring Tapsee Pannu On 9th December 2020


NOFILTER Stream is an initiative by SocioLadder to build positive communities and bring overall social awareness for causes such as Education, Women Empowerment, and Marginalized Farmer transformation through celebrity conversations, fundraisers events, and curating grassroots level stories.


The vision is to end 2020 on a positive note and make December a real month of giving and building awareness. NOFILTER stream, by SocioLadder, brings together known personalities from all walks of life to discuss the world’s most pressing issues and the large-scale disparities in income levels.


Witness conversations that don’t have any filter and look through the lens of honesty, ground realities, and personal experiences with celebrities who champion social transformation and talk about their own personal journeys.


SocioLadder has an ambitious target to transform 10,000 schools in the next 3 years and is looking at innovative financing models including Social Impact Bonds. 


SocioLadder is doing something which is a part of something I’ve always propagated as one of the most important things that need to happen in our country; which is a solution to “everything”, getting the kids to come to school, study and be educated! This project Bharat WashED can make a huge difference to the future of our country,” says Tapsee Pannu


Education is the fountainhead to empower future communities and we are starting at a foundational level – providing the right infrastructure at underserved schools,” said Shravan Charya, Founder and CEO, SocioLadder. 


About SocioLadder

SocioLadder Foundation is a not for profit organization headquartered in the US and operates through its offices across India, UAE, Australia, and Sri Lanka. It is powered by the technology platform created with the vision to accelerate social impact and powered by IBM blockchain to enable 100% transparency, last-mile impact reporting, and beneficiary mapping to all the donors and stakeholders. 


About NOFILTER Stream

NOFILTER Stream is a Sociotainment channel that seeks to become the voice of social transformation through entertaining conversations, content, and new-age digital recreation. We call it Sociotainment! The deeper purpose is to help great causes reach a great many numbers of people and create an ecosystem of sustainability and an equitable world through celebrity conversations, events, inspirational content, and stories.


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SocioLadder is back with Episode Two Starring Tapsee Pannu On 9th December 2020
SocioLadder is back with Episode Two Starring Tapsee Pannu On 9th December 2020
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