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Alniche Lifesciences Forays into Pharma Manufacturing by Setting up EffiKasia Lifesciences, a State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Unit

Jan 02, 2021 11:55 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

In this new year, Alniche Lifesciences has achieved a new milestone by venturing into manufacturing in its state-of-the-art facility under the name of EffiKasia Lifesciences at Kangra, Himachal Pradesh. EffiKasia Lifesciences will manufacture pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and dermatologicals. With this initiative, Alniche plans to increase its profit margins and push top-line by expanding sales operations for Exports in semi-regulated markets. Additionally, with its own manufacturing setup, the company plans to compete in the institutional tender business thus setting up a new business vertical.


Management Team of Effikasia Lifesciences - L-R: Mr. Sumant Vir Kapoor (Director), Mr. Girish Arora (Managing Director), and Mr. Karan Arora (Director)


EffiKasia is in discussions with various global companies to acquire unique technology platform and by leveraging these technologies, the team of scientists in its R&D will introduce a whole new range of differentiated formulations in the domestic and exports markets. In the future, the Company plans to expand its manufacturing capacities to contract-manufacture for others, thus making its mark in the CMO space.


In aggressively growing and highly competitive IPM, Alniche Lifesciences has carved out its 70th rank by building brands in niche therapies - Nephrology, Critical care, Gastroenterology, Skinceuticals, Advance woundcare and Neurology segments. The Company has bagged one of the top ranks in Nephrology and Critical Care segment. With its entire product range focused on Test-Treat-Rehabilitate, Alniche has registered double digit growth till December 2020.


Mr. Girish Arora, Founder & Managing Director of Alniche shared, “With our growing sales across various therapy-verticals, there has always been a need for back-end integration by setting up our manufacturing plant. Initially, EffiKasia will manufacture exclusively for Alniche and in the future expand its base as a reliable contract-manufacturing company.”


Mr. Karan Arora, Director - EffiKasia, shares the same vision and plans to expand the network of distributors for export markets. His vision is to bring newer technologies and manufacturing of global brands in India to produce high-quality products at competitive prices for the Indian masses. He strongly believes that together with marketing edge of Alniche and manufacturing excellence of EffiKasia, this duo will create their mark in the domestic and exports markets.


About Alniche

Alniche Life Sciences is one of India's fastest growing Pharma Company based in New Delhi, serves patients and the medical fraternity by offering specialized, high-quality, effective, affordable medicines and wellness products. Alniche has carved a firm position for itself in the Indian Pharma market through a focused approach for key brands and deep engagement with doctors. Their 700 sales team members are covering 70,000 doctors and 30,000 hospitals with a strong portfolio of both domestic & licensed brands from global partners, in the areas of Nephrology, Critical care, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Neurology and Advanced wound care. Alniche is ranked one of the top company in Renal care and Critical care. Alniche has partnered with global pharma organizations to bring novel global brands in India including Alliance (UK), J W Life Science (Korea), Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), FzioMed (USA), PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), Biovite (Australia), and Dongkook (Korea).

Management Team of Effikasia Lifesciences - L-R: Mr. Sumant Vir Kapoor (Director), Mr. Girish Arora (Managing Director), and Mr. Karan Arora (Director)
Management Team of Effikasia Lifesciences - L-R: Mr. Sumant Vir Kapoor (Director), Mr. Girish Arora (Managing Director), and Mr. Karan Arora (Director)
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