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KSG India to Organize Elixir Webinar for UPSC Aspirants

Jan 07, 2021 16:03 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

After the successful completion of Mains Destinaire Course, that has catered to the Specific needs of the aspirants who are going to attempt Mains Examination 2020, KSG India is conducting a Mega Seminar for Prelims 2021 on 10th of January at 8 PM.


Prelims 2021

UPSC has already announced the calendar for examinations to be conducted in the Year 2021. 27th June is the chosen date on which lakhs of aspirants will sit for the first round of Civil Services Examination. The most fascinating of the rounds, Prelims Examination is the stage in which aspirants are assessed on their comprehensive studies and understanding of the concepts. The diversity of this stage is not unknown among the aspirants as it ranges from Polity to History, from Geography to Science and all the subjects are passed through Lens of Current Affairs.


KSG India is increasingly aware of and receptive to what aspirants must do for the Prelims Examination require and aspire. Due to the structure and enormity of this round of exam, there are some fundamental issues which remain unanswered and generate a plethora of doubts. In order to enthuse confidence for Prelims round of Exam along with facilitating and cultivating self-learning and self-enrichment, the Elixir Webinar with Dr. Khan will try to clear all the doubts related to this stage.

Dr. A.R. Khan

Through this Webinar, Dr. Khan will try to emphasize that cracking the Prelims Examination needs a holistic approach which is based on self-examination and self-assessment. Knowledge and personality cannot be built overnight or over a span of few weeks, therefore, the time one has now is crucial for self- enrichment.

Not only this, but few tricks would also be given, that might facilitate aspirants dealing with questions that are very abstract in nature. To Join this Elixir webinar Aspirants can visit at and the Youtube Link is:


Winners begins Early

The Students who start early preparation during their College days are eventually reaching to their desired goal on time, as they develop better understanding of subjects, comprehensive coverage of the syllabus and hone their writing skills as per the UPSC’S demand. PT Destinaire is a course which will help students start their Prelims preparation with a focused approach. Also the aspirants who are in last year of their college can take benefits from Advance Foundation Course (AFC) which is 2 years dedicated preparation.


Preparing Well for Prelims 2021

The Beginning is the most important part of the Work”. The first round of this examination requires decryption techniques which can be mastered once we understand the real demand of this round of the Examination. Your energy knows no bounds, but it has to be channeled in a focused manner. We at KSG India are ensuring that you keep your energy focused on the study part while we research the trends and the demands of this round. “Falling down could be an accident, but staying down is a choice”. When we learn from our experience, we rise even higher.

KSG India is willing to help all the aspirants

For Lakhs of Aspirants, KSG India is launching a meticulous program for candidates who want to have a strong feeling of confidence about the Prelims exam. It is sure that it is going to help all range of aspirants. A Unique Concept, beyond the realms of Reverse Engineering, in which one should focus on what ‘one already possesses’ and ‘how to reengineer’ the same information for Prelims Examination. It’s a settled principle that one must not gather everything one come across, but has to be very selective and repetitive in the preparation. Knowledge Engineering will be Aided by Cavity Filling, which are supposed to be diagnosed areas which require further supplementary read-ups. This diagnosis will be done by Daily Tests. Tests will be conducted after the “Enrichment Sessions” on daily basis. Tests will consist of 20 Questions that has to be attempted in 20 Minutes. After identifying the strengths, diagnosis will prescribe the areas which need some exclusive personalized attention in the form of researched material over that topic. We will revisit your Preparation cavities again and again.


KSG India IAS Coaching has now been established as an institute that is consistently associated with CSE Toppers. Their General studies courses, Answer writing skill development program, personality test program, test series and the able guidance of Dr. Khan consistently figures in the views of CSE Topper.

The various courses offered by KSG India, have helped to magnify and strengthen the skills of the students which gave them a competitive edge in the CSE journey. While 2018 results had a clear 10/10 top Rankers, the year 2019 has again given KSG India the proud opportunity to congratulate 14 out of 20 Top rankers including All India Ranks 3, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 in the Top 10. Their students have achieved highest marks in general studies in 3 of the last 5 examinations. KSG India IAS Coaching also provides 2 years Advance Foundation Course to the aspirants who want to start early.


About Dr. A.R. Khan
Dr. A.R. Khan, popularly known amongst the Civil Services aspirants as Khan Sir, is an accomplished educationist, academician, scholar, thinker and motivator. An avid reader and a prolific writer, Dr. Khan has published scores of Articles and Research Papers in reputed National and International Journals. He has also authored several books on varied topics which have earned wide recognition. His career as an educationist spans over three decades during which he has also taught in India’s premier Institutions such as the University of Delhi and Delhi School of Economics. During his long career in teaching General Studies, Dr. Khan has also attempted to train his basic philosophy of ‘transactional study’ to scores of other teachers who have now become integral part of KSG India and serve as his torch bearers.


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Dr. A.R. Khan
Dr. A.R. Khan
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