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Skillizen Learning Global Launches Life Skills, Leadership, Ethics & Values and Economic Sense Olympiad for Students of Grade 3 to Grade 12

Jan 12, 2021 11:44 IST 
Gurgaon, Haryana, India

Life Skills are the essential skills that help develop resilience against adverse circumstances and real-world challenges. These skills allow individuals to acclimate according to the demands of the society and assist them in perceiving things from a pragmatic approach. Life Skills usually vary from person to person as per their thinking and approach. Life Skills enhance the logical reasoning and creativity of individuals and thus make them flexible and realistic. Development of these soft skills is imperative for the personality development and career growth of individuals.

Skillizen Learning Global - Olympiad

The idea was conceived at Harvard University and concentrates on cultivating psycho-social skills like Goal setting, Teamwork, Decision-making, Problem-solving, Leadership, Negotiation, Critical Thinking, Research Analysis, Empathy, Interpersonal Relationship, Time management, Emotion Control, Economic Sense, etc. in young citizens to make them future ready. The best time to inculcate life skills is 6 -18 years as childhood education aims at the holistic development of child’s social, emotional, cognitive, and physical needs in order to build a solid and broad foundation for lifelong learning and wellbeing. It has the possibility to nurture compassionate, competent, and responsible individuals.


Details of Olympiad!

Ethics & Values

It is the world's 1st comprehensive online assessment program to calibrate the core Ethics & Values quotient in young school-going children of Grade III-XII. This is designed by highly respectable experts from different industries and all walks of life across the world. This truly global and online Olympiad is designed to test children through Ethics & Value-based decision making covering the following real-world components of life skills in practice.

Economic Skills Olympiad

The first and foremost thing to understand is that this is totally different from the many other economics olympiads which are mostly created to test the academic proficiency of the test-takers in economics as a subject. On the contrary, International Economic Skills Olympiad is the world's 1st olympiad that tests the economic common sense quotient among young citizens from grade III-XII. This olympiad is based on the Skillizen Critical Life Skills Curriculum which was created at Harvard University with an aim to holistically transform the decision-making abilities of young children in the 21st century.

Leadership Skills Olympiad

It is the world's 1st comprehensive online assessment program to calibrate the inherent and potential leadership skills among young school-going children in Grade III-XII. This is designed by highly experienced leaders from different industries and all walks of life across the world. This truly global and online olympiad is designed to test children through scenario-based leadership decision-making covering the following key components of successful leadership.

International Life Skills Olympiad

International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO) is the World's First online initiative to test young children's Critical Life Skills Quotient, and to compare the same with the most skilled children across the globe. Through ILSO, students of Grade III-XII from all over the world will test their Life Skills Aptitude using real-world scenario based questions.

While preparing for this highly engaging test, students will also get exposed and acquire new life skills. With students from 100+ countries participating, they all get to learn and evolve as truly global citizens.


Dates & Different Olympiads organized by Skillizen

  • Ethics & Values - 28th January 2021

  • Economics Skills - 29th January 2021 

  • Leadership Skills - 30th January 2021

  • International Life Skills Olympiad - 31st January 2021

Skillizen Learning Global - Olympiad
Skillizen Learning Global - Olympiad
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