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Shell Backed Smart EV Startup, TresMoto Raises Additional Round of Seed Funds

Jan 12, 2021 10:34 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Shell backed smart EV startup, TresMoto has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Angel Investor and professional CEO Mr. Raaj Kumar, who has led multinational companies like Asian Paints, GMR Energy, JSW Energy among others. “We have been working on our product offering and the software around it for about 4 years now. This round of funding will be utilized for final stages of product development and homologation of our flagship electric scooter,” said Shubham, the Founder of TresMoto

TresMoto Founders display their product offerings at Shell e4 demo day

The company is working on a range of smart, electric two wheelers based on their in house developed platform ‘OXEN’. Their flagship offering will be a sleek urban scooter with a top speed of 75 Km/h and an array of compact, ergonomic batteries that can be removed from the vehicle and charged at home for a range of upto 90 Kms which is more than enough for daily urban usage. For the weekend rider, the scooter can go further by carrying a range extender battery pack which fits snug into the boot of the vehicle. 


TresMoto is designing their scooters to be functional and minimal to give them a modern and rugged look, along with performance to match the appearance. The founders believe that the traditional two wheeler offerings in the Indian market are outdated when it comes to technology, styling and optimization of design. The company is working on designing the scooters ground up with user experience in mind. The scooters are driven by software that can be updated over the air and the company claims that they will keep improving the range and performance of the vehicles with future updates. The scooters will come equipped with smart features like GPS navigation assist, remote locking and unlocking, keyless unlocking and telematics. The scooters will also come along with a companion app which will offer cutting edge features like AI-powered remote diagnosis, remote asset tracking, personalised rider profile and ride analytics. The app will also offer next gen security features like geofencing which will let you easily define the area of usage for your scooters, both for riding and when parked. Although electric scooters have far less service requirement than their petrol counterparts, you will be able to book a service whenever required right at your doorstep. 


The secret sauce is their inhouse developed modular EV platform ‘OXEN’, which lets the company design new products with a fraction of resource and time. This platform can be adapted for scooters ranging from 2 to 15 bhp. Moreover these scooters will be built in microfactories with a tiny footprint which will allow the company to scale to multiple locations much faster and at a fraction of the cost.


The company has previously been incubated and funded by Shell. The Shell E4 programme has brought refinement to the company’s development process and their product offerings. The company is focused on making their scooters more reliable and rugged than any other scooter in the market. The founder also mentioned that TresMoto is working on a simpler product optimized exclusively for fleet usage. The company will pilot with a small batch of these scooters with delivery and rental companies before offering their flagship product to the consumer market.


The next generation of smart scooter offerings that we are going to see this decade from upcoming players like TresMoto and others in this space are unlike the e-scooters we have seen on the Indian roads in the past. These come equipped with a new generation of motors, power electronics and batteries and are built to outperform their petrol counterparts in every aspect. Modern EVs are simply evolution that has been long due in automotive tech, this change can be compared to what we saw in the smartphone space 15 years ago. 


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TresMoto Founders display their product offerings at Shell e4 demo day
TresMoto Founders display their product offerings at Shell e4 demo day
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