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Nippon Paint Launches 'Paint Partner' Digital Colour Solutions

Latest technology for automotive refinishes colour matching, developed in India

Jan 14, 2021 15:12 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Nipsea Group Automotive Refinish business unit, part of the Nippon Paint Group, has announced the launch of its next-generation, state-of-the-art, intuitive ‘Paint Partner’ Digital Colour Solutions. Nipsea Group’s Automotive Refinish Business Unit, which has developed this technology, is focused on the development of the company’s automotive aftermarket business with the objective of delivering a unified and systematic approach to paint refinishing in the world.


Paint Partner is the world’s latest digital colour formula retrieval and correction system, integrated with a leading, best-in-class spectrophotometer tool developed by X-Rite, Incorporated which is the world leading company in this field based in USA. It features a user friendly search & correct functionality and enables all automotive refinish paint users like bodyshops, paint distributors and retailers to get the desired colour formulations with the most accurate colour match. The tool is set to provide a unique and innovative solution to the world of car painting and caters to both solvent-borne and water-borne paint systems


Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sharad Malhotra, Sr. Vice President, Nipsea Group Automotive Refinishes Business said that, While the Nipsea Group is headquartered in Singapore, our Global Colour Center is located in Manesar, Gurugram, Haryana and from here we cater to the global colour requirements of the group’s automotive aftermarket customers. We are proud of the fact that this latest technology has been developed in India. This technology will make it possible to achieve highest accuracy colour matching on any car that goes for a touch up /repair to a workshop and it will also save considerable time for our users in terms of colour matching.”  


Mr. Diwakar Mehrotra, Director of Nipsea GroupAR Global Colour Center added, “Our Global Colour Center in Manesar, Gurugram is responsible for creating tens of thousands of new colours annually, which can be accessed through our Paint Partner database. Our next-generation, single-platform digital colour solution integrated with spectrophotometer will ensure that the colour matches right First Time, Every Time. What’s more, the Paint Partner global database is continuously updated by Nippon Paint’s colour laboratories around the world and offers real-time access to automotive and custom colours from around the globe. With Paint Partner, our users are simply colour ready with just Get, Set, Match.”


Paint Partner is supported on all the platforms viz. Web Online, Windows Offline and Mobile App (both iOS and Android). It has been integrated into two multi-angle Spectrophotometers, with one having a coloured camera and both the devices have Nippon Paint dedicated firmware, are branded and Wi-Fi enabled with other strong features such as touch screen, coloured user interface (UI) and the capability of flake/aluminium selection and primer-surfacer recommendation. The Software UI is simplified, leaner and user-friendly and the hardware supports English, Chinese and Thai languages besides others.

About Nipsea Group

Operating in over 18 regions and countries, the Nipsea Group is a subsidiary of Nippon Paint Japan, producing 1.6 billion litres of paint annually from its 82 manufacturing locations. The over 22,000 strong work force at the Nipsea Group is committed at delivering state-of-the-art products and best in class service to discerning customers. The Nipsea Group believes in transforming spaces, re-imagining mobility and steering innovation and works primarily with these core concepts in 3 business areas: architectural, automotive and industrial.

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