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Hot Streak Launches in India, Ushers in IPL 2021 Celebrations

Website, an online destination for all T20 format prediction gaming, launched

Mar 22, 2021 12:09 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Its festival time for cricket lovers and the game as well, again, with yet another season of IPL is just around the corner. This year, beginning the 2021 IPL season, and the World Cup T20 tournament thereafter, fans and enthusiasts will have a new addition to the festivities, an all-new T20 format prediction and entertainment site, Hot Streak


Hot Streak, will be a first of its kind T20 prediction platform, call it a wholesome family entertainment destination, online. And what better than the fact that it is COMPLETELY FREE to use. It will be a new, innovative and unique platform for hosting prediction pools, for all types of the T20 format being played now on.


In the just launched website, users can create private competitions to challenge their office teams, friends, club members or their family, to predict the winners for every game that will be played in the two month period of IPL. The fun can be continued thereafter, in the upcoming T20 world cup, and every big ticket T20 format game thereafter.


Commenting on the launch of Hot Streak, Mr. Ashton Smith, CEO of the company said, “With the IPL season around the corner, a new, totally free and unique platform for enjoying the tournament with others has just launched. We have launched the proprietary platform, Hot Streak, not just keeping the cricketing enthusiasts in mind, but also anyone who wants to use the site as a tool for entertainment, and engagement with the family, team or community etc. Users can challenge their office, friends, club or family to see who can predict the most winners of the IPL, Big Bash League, T20 Cricket World Cup or any just about any game in the T20 format, across the world.”


"Apart from the sheer joy and euphoria of getting the predictions right for every game, and finally the tournament, Hot Streak users can also celebrate the real life results of each match. One can manage prizes for your competitions with each other, or if prizes aren’t the motivation, just play for the sake of it. Such fun repeats with every match as it gets revealed on the group dashboard, as to who picked which team,” Ashton added.


On a dashboard, users can enter their tips any time before each match, and once a match starts, each person’s predictions are posted on the group chat, then after each match the points update on the leader board. Each participant’s longest consecutive winning Hot Streak is also added to their total, effectively meaning that they have more chances to jump ahead in points.


“We expect great interest and engagement again later in the year when the T20 Cricket World Cup comes to India and around the world for the other major T20 tournaments. We seeing users join from all over the world where IPL is followed – the UK, Australia, Malaysia and the UAE for example,” added Mr. Zane, COO of Hot Streak.


We’ve already had a lot of interest from workplaces with competitions forming amongst office colleagues for example creating their own competitions and setting their own prizes. We’ve also got many families and friendship groups creating competitions just to stay connected for fun, and playing for the pride of the group. It’s so simple that everyone can get involved. It’s as easy as picking between the two real teams playing in each match. Perhaps this will have appeal to all those who saw fantasy leagues as too demanding or those fatigued by them already,” he added.


Hot Streak comes with many unique features, and is completely different from other cricket entertainment sites, that are meant to engage cricket enthusiasts. It is quicker and easier to play, and is probably the only real time prediction platform. Hot Streak is simple to use, and does not call for much of game related expertise to participate. The whole idea is to make it available to a vast population, who are looking for some positive team engagement, as against just cricket enthusiasts. The site also incorporates thoroughly social features – a social wall in which users can share match selections, and post prediction wins etc., and the engagement can last much longer, and not be restricted to just a single match.



Hot Streak started amongst cricket enthusiast friends who wanted to keep contact with each around the globe through cricket. With former backgrounds using fantasy leagues, they grew tired of the depth of time and expertise needed to compete in fantasy leagues. Just picking the winners was an easier solution and it’s more fun to cheer for a team playing to win together.


With employees in India, the UK, the Netherlands and Australia it really is a global team connected by their love of cricket.


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