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Ahmedabad Based Global Industrial Software Maker Blair Studios to Build Flutter Apps in Just 24 Hours

May 24, 2021 13:11 IST 
Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Industrial Software Maker Blair Studios CTO Parth Shah said the company has passed the 3rd phase trial of its Maintenance-free software in India and States. He further added, “The real challenge we faced in the research stage was to make the apps Maintenance Free with such a limited budget. But we went ahead and did it.”


Mr. Parth Shah


Since 2002, Blair has been steadily growing with its Pharmaceutical Automated Software known for its monitoring technique from Door to Roof to Mobile App. The current version of the Industrial Software supports BarCode, QRCode, Work from Home, Mobile App Linking, Global Internet Access Speciality and many more features.


Mr. Rajesh Shah


Mr. Rajesh Shah, Ex-director of Divine Life Care and the Managing Director of Divine Venture Catalyst India and Ghana said, “We have been successful in anticipating the change well-in-advance and our research team at Blair has done a very good job at ground level.” The father-son duo is now actively looking to connect Technology with Medicines.


"Blair Studios recently launched its gaming start-up Sequel5 developed after expired US game patent US5029871A in 87 countries. The game crossed 10K downloads on Google Play Store in just 20 days of its 2nd stable release. Following the success of our own gaming brand developed using Flutter, we are now confident to enter the Instant Flutter App market," he added.


To bring down costs, the company ended operations in several markets and discontinued high-maintenance servers and software. It still works with some private servers and Google Cloud services along with home entrepreneurs that own and operate back-end technology.


To improve efficiencies, Blair streamlined local projects into three groups – Individual developer, remote freelancers and traditional dedicated teams. In April, Shah was said to have told freelancers the start-up was making progress toward a rebound after COVID and soon about to launch an in-House remote freelance work platform to facilitate smooth operational workflow within the company.


The company aims to get listed among the top ten software makers for Instant flutter apps in US, UK and India. “The goal is to create a significant difference in the marketplace which people can feel and we hope we gradually move towards maintenance-free apps in near future,” says Parth Shah.


Mr. Parth Shah
Mr. Parth Shah
Mr. Rajesh Shah
Mr. Rajesh Shah
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