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Environment Safety and Sustainable Engineering Conclave by Saveetha School of Engineering

Jun 09, 2021 15:11 IST 
Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Saveetha school of Engineering organized an e-conclave on Environment safety and sustainable Engineering on the world environment day. Environmental protection, increasingly becoming a matter of global priority paved the way for the introduction of B.E. Degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering at Saveetha School of Engineering which now is growing towards sustainable development. Amongst the existing pandemic, Energy and Environmental Engineering Department organized various online events such as E-Poster Presentation, Painting and Online Quiz were conducted, more than 3000 students all over from India had participated with a motive of bringing a change in attitude towards environment and advocate partnership between each human being and nature. Participants were awarded with prizes and awards.

Green Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences campus

Honorable Chancellor Dr. N.M. Veeraiyan felicitated the event and graced the occasion and said “Our students made resolutions to follow all the regulations to maintain a green environment while we have already planted more than 10,000 saplings in the Miyawaki way in our campus to urbanize and preserve the greens.”


The event witnessed expert talks by Dr. Anirudh Garg, Director, Nanoveda Solutions on “Bio-Security, Bio-Audit & Green Technology” followed by Dr. A. Abdul Rahman, Professor of Eminence, Dr.M.G.R Educational & Research Institute University on “Smart City - Green box for Green House Technology” and Mr. Amit Kulkarni, L&T Technology Services Limited spoke about Sustainable in Engineering. Mr. Gounder Kannan Mahindra & Mahindra spoke about “Role of Electric Vehicles in Pollution Control & Environmental Safety”, Er. Sathyamurthy from ISRO Bangalore spoke about “Environmental Safety in ISRO” and fianally Dr. B. Nirmal, Founder, Exnora International spoke about "Environmental Health & Safety”.


About Saveetha School of Engineering

Saveetha School of Engineering, being a green-campus itself, focuses on sustainable development to fulfill both the demand of today's generation and cater for the requirements of future generations with ample placement opportunities. Energy and Environmental Engineering department at Saveetha is involved in various active researches and application of technologies with various collaborations to minimize the undesirable impact on the environment. Understanding the demand and opportunities in the industries, they learn various methods of applying energy-efficiency in design, engineering practices and create more environmentally-friendly forms of industrial design and manufacture. The curriculum is assorted with the recent trends of the industry which are highlighted by the advancements in solar, wind, nuclear and biomass environmental socio-impact and environmental conservation techniques.

Green Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences campus
Green Saveetha Institute of Medical and Technical Sciences campus
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