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RR Parkon's One-of-a-kind Tower Parking System Installed in Pune

With a parking facility for 76 cars, the brand installs a standalone steel Tower Parking with turn table

Jun 10, 2021 10:20 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

RR Parkon recently installed its parking system at Aundh, Pune. The parking system is the brand’s first system for a private project in Pune. The project is called Season Business Square and is customized for Naiknavre Developers Pvt. Ltd’s multi utility commercial space.


RR Parkon - Season Business Square Pune


The newly constructed puzzle parking system can accommodate 76 cars at one time where earlier only 6 cars could be parked in that space. The entire project was created and installed within 8 months from the date of site clearance. It is 38 meters in height with the machine room and has 19 levels where 17 levels are for Sedan and 2 levels for SUV cars. The configuration of the system is 1:1.


Talking about this new installation, Mr. Rajesh Kabra, Managing Director, RR Parkon said, “We are very proud of this newly installed tower parking system with a turn table. We have been working with Naiknavre Developers Pvt. Ltd. on their multiple projects since many years now. We were an active part of the Season Business Square project right from the very first design. This tower parking system has a combined column design which was customized as per the space and area of this project hence, this is a more distinctive tower parking unlike the standard tower parking systems created by RR Parkon. With this common column and further customization in the internal design we were able to fit two towers in the given foot print. RR Parkon is known for its customized parking solutions depending on the area of each site. We continue to endeavour in providing world-class automated multilevel car parking solutions and services to the customers which is of international quality.”


The Season Business Square tower parking has been installed on top of a live water reservoir, a well which is underneath the tower parking system. Heavy RCC design and special civil foundation has been developed for this system because of which the tower stands tall.


About RR Parkon

RR Parkon is a part of RR Global, a USD 850+ million conglomerate in the electric sector with a presence in more than 85 countries globally. The brand started its journey with a vision in 2001 to provide India automated car parking solutions given the rising issue of space constraint in the country. After two decades, we have not only installed more than 1500 projects across India but also have successfully tapped into global markets like Nepal, Uganda and Sri Lanka. Having worked with prestigious clients in commercial and residential sectors, we have established a strong presence in more than 50 cities across India and introduced more than 19 variants of automated multilevel car parking solutions along with customisation.

RR Parkon - Season Business Square Pune
RR Parkon - Season Business Square Pune
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