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Explore your Culinary Skills with the Vortex Series from Hafele

Unique burner design exclusively designed by Hafele takes care of a large variety of cooking done on flat pans to woks

Jun 11, 2021 17:30 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Indian Cuisine has many flavours and different styles of cooking. Ranging from traditional to fusion recipes, every cooking enthusiast enjoys preparing a meal in this Cuisine. It is this unique combination of diversity and complexity of Indian Cooking that forms the inspiration for Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs, a range that can support, enhance and inspire the culinary art of India!


Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs


The quintessential Indian curries and tadkas are done best on the wok (known as kadai) and are most enjoyed with the flat Indian Chapattis which are done on a flat Indian pan (called tawa). In order to handle such varied cooking patterns, our Vortex Series hobs are engineered with special burners with a vertex flame design where the flames adapt to a wok by centering maximum heat at the bottom of the wok which is needed to sear the seasoning in oil. The same flame can adapt to the shape of a flat pan like tawa used for making chapattis or wide pans used for searing and roasting offering the most even heat distribution to the base of the pan. This even heat distribution makes the Vortex hobs powerful and efficient at the same time. These hobs promise you high durability, precise functionality, flexibility in cooking and safety. Their minimalist design and, glass and gun-metal surface finish impart an elegance to your kitchen interiors.


Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs


Adding to the safety and security of people, the Flame Failure Safety Device activates the moment the flame accidentally goes off and cuts off the gas supply to the hob. The hob also allows one to cook with accurate temperature from high heating to low searing and independent control over different flame rings.

Additional Features

  • Flames are powered by bullet jets that are highly resistant to blockage due to spillage during cooking providing the perfect, pure blue flame output

  • Heavy duty cast iron pan support easily accommodates large utensils and provides a stable base to them preventing disturbance while stirring and sauteing. They also come with heat protectors.

  • Silicone seal keeps the hob base safe from spillage by containing the spilled liquid within the drip tray

  • Burners are made of brass that promises longevity and durability of the hob. As brass can sustain high temperatures of heating, these burners are capable of a high flame output needed for wok style cooking or quick boiling

  • Premium metal knobs with grooved edges and a gun metal finish offer convenience and aesthetics

  • Matt beveled glass edge gives the hob a defined look and enhances the overall aesthetics

Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs
Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs
Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs
Hafele’s Vortex Series Hobs
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