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Naviz Analytics Launches CODEX to Help CDOs Build Data Culture

Jun 16, 2021 16:24 IST 
Hyderabad, Telangana, India

The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the growth of eCommerce. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the eCommerce sector saw a dramatic 3% rise, from 16% to 19% in 2020. This has augmented the adoption of data cultures in companies.


L to R: Jagan Chitiprolu and Saurabh Gupta - CODEX Founding Team


Data culture is the use of existing data to make well-informed decisions in workplaces. This is a key factor that drives the digital transition process for organizations. Naviz Analytics' CODEX program focuses on helping organizations complete this transition smoothly. CODEX enables customers to operate a data driven framework that helps in building data and analytics strategy, pinpoint profitable business strategies, and lower the risk ratio.


"Today, a data driven company has become a necessity due to the rapid rise of data by volume and variety. While a lot of companies are making the digital transition, the adoption of data culture still remains to be a tricky issue for most organizations. And there could be multiple reasons - suboptimal data strategy, lack of data and business literacy, or lack of tools. With CODEX, we aim to equip our clients with the right tools and services to help them use data effectively. We are one of the very few companies in the market that offer multiple major data solutions. Our services encompass the 4 D's - data maturity assessment, data advisory, data literacy and data democratisation," said Saurabh Gupta, Co-founder of CODEX.


He further added, "In order to help companies assess their data literacy, we have launched a free assessment for Chief Data and Analytics Officers and Data enthusiasts. This is to help them understand their abilities and gain the help that they need in the required fields."


The company recently announced a strategic partnership with O'Reilly, a US based online learning platform. With this partnership, CODEX will be designing and structuring data literacy programs on O’Reilly’s world class learning platform.


Speaking about the journey so far, Mr. Gupta said, "Prior to this venture, I served various data and analytics leadership positions. During my experience on the field, I realised that a lot of companies fail to make use of the existing data that they accumulate. Client and product data that can be used to upgrade services and work on profitable projects are often left to rot. I realised that this wasn't due to the lack of technology, but because of the weak data culture." This inspired him to ideate and create CODEX along with Jagan Chitiprolu, the CEO of Naviz Analytics and his classmate at Harvard Business School. Jagan added, "With CODEX, we strengthen or establish a solid culture of data experience to drive business value. This helps in promoting the effective use of data to garner better results and value for the customers."



CODEX is a product offering of Naviz Analytics, is headquartered in Washington DC, United States. The product specializes in establishing data cultures and offers data related solutions. The company will soon be onboarding system integrators, independent software vendors and influencers.

L to R: Jagan Chitiprolu and Saurabh Gupta - CODEX Founding Team
L to R: Jagan Chitiprolu and Saurabh Gupta - CODEX Founding Team
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