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INDIBET to Donate a Charitable Sum of USD 10,000 Dollars to Secure the Present and Safeguard the Future of Specially-abled Children

Sep 13, 2021 11:18 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

In an effort to secure many bright futures, INDIBET will be donating 10,000 USD to the Dunnottar School in Saint Lucia. INDIBET.COM is the primary sponsor of the St Lucia Kings in the Caribbean Premier League (CPL) and strongly believes in supporting the community in Saint Lucia. The Dunnottar School is a special needs school and leader in providing children and young adults with developmental challenges, the care, education and training they require to reach their full potential in life and in society. INDIBET had formally announced the charitable donation at the last league match of the CPL series on September 12, 2021.


Saint Lucia Kings


INDIBET.COM is an online sports gaming brand known for its user-friendly website and exciting offering - making it a top pick in the market. With this charitable donation, INDIBET would like sports fans to take a moment to focus on the importance of supporting children who face developmental challenges. It is imperative to the brand that all children and young adults have the support and care they require to achieve their fullest potential and find their place in society. This is a part of INDIBET’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiative. The donation will be used to expand the accessibility of the Dunnottar School as well as increase the capacity of the school.


Commenting on the Dunnottar School in Saint Lucia, an INDIBET spokesperson said, “It is our honour to support and connect with these children. The amazing work done by the school for the children gives us immense pleasure to be able to aid them with this donation. INDIBET strongly believes that sports can bring a lot of positivity in the society. With this partnership the brand wants to makes a difference by sending a strong message that true growth in any area of life should be independent of any bias and everyone should be offered equal opportunities. Our team at INDIBET would like to take a step forward in creating a world that is kinder and more accepting of people from all sorts of backgrounds and abilities.



INDIBET is an innovative sports gaming brand. The online platform offers a friendly user experience with the best products that not only look great, but most importantly, are easy to use. The brand prides itself on providing excellent customer support and value. INDIBET is part of a wider group run by executives who have managed a range of products in sports and gaming over the last 15 years.

Saint Lucia Kings
Saint Lucia Kings
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