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Sonalika Honours Excellence of Indian Farmers; Organises 'Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021' to Acknowledge their Passion and Hard Work

Sonalika felicitated 15 farmers at the ‘Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021’ for their extraordinary contributions towards Indian agriculture

Sep 15, 2021 13:12 IST 
New Delhi, Delhi, India

Agriculture is the backbone of Indian economy and a primary source of livelihood for the majority of our population. Famers across India have been graciously contributing towards the development of nation with their tireless efforts every single day. Each farmer has a unique journey, which remains full of ups and downs. However, it is their passion and strong determination which empowers them to outshine all the difficulties and come out as a winner.


Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021


Sonalika salutes every farmer’s integrity and to honour their zeal, the company recently organised the ‘Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021’ on September 03, 2021. The awards celebrate the innovative spirit in the farmers and is Sonalika’s humble effort to motivate them to keep going strong. Sonalika felicitated as many as 15 farmers that have adopted ‘out of the box’ approach in making a significant difference to the Indian agri-ecosystem. During the ceremony, Sonalika also launched its latest book “Mitti Ke Sapne, Mazboot Irade: Kahani Kisano Ki” - a book that encapsulates the inspirational stories of all such 15 farmers who have contributed extraordinarily in the agri-sector development.


Sharing her views on the company’s new initiative, Mrs. Surbhi Mittal, Director Sonalika CSR, said, “The incredible contribution of farmers towards the development of Indian agri-ecosystem is an inspiration for all and we truly acknowledge their role in the survival of humanity. Farmers today are willing to go beyond the conventions in creating innovative solutions that make agriculture convenient and profitable for all. And moreover, they are also playing a significant role in maintaining the natural balance by caring for plants, trees as well as animals, which is commendable. ‘Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards’ is our little effort to express gratitude towards the “Annadata” of the nation for their invaluable contribution to Indian agriculture.”


She added, “With our latest book -Mitti Ke Sapne, Mazboot Irade: Kahani Kisano Ki”, we have tried to bring to foreground the splendid efforts of 15 farmers who have changed the way one can look at agriculture sector. With this book, we also aspire to educate the future generation about the diversity of Indian agriculture system and how they can also look at ‘Agriculture as a profession'.”


Sonalika CSR through Sonalika Publications aims to bring a positive change in the society by promoting high quality, age-appropriate content for children that enables them to think beyond the conventional world. “Mitti Ke Sapne, Mazboot Irade: Kahani Kisano Ki” book is the reflection of Indian agriculture and will help children in keeping positive thinking as well ‘never give up’ attitude for life.

Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021
Sonalika Krishi Samman Awards 2021
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