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'Nesterra' from the House of Sutlej sweeps the decor space with a series of Next-Gen collections designed to 'Feature You'

Sep 15, 2021 13:32 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Bringing life to your home that ‘Features You’ through different cultures, experiences, colors, emotions, and stories is what every person dreams of having in their own personal space. Set out to create an intimate ambience at home with a benchmark of international quality standards of fabric, Nesterra is a state-of-the-art premium décor brand that inherits a strong legacy of over 75 years with decades of experience in yarn manufacturing under Sutlej Textiles, the flagship textiles company of the illustrious KK Birla Group. Captivating the world of décor with its indulgent rich color palettes, contemporary and transitional designs of soft furnishings solutions from upholstery to drapery and delivering fibre to fabric closer to home for the modern-day consumer, the brand has unveiled a series of new-age collections - Bling and Glamour; Everyday Luxe; Deep Secrets; Valley of Flowers; Breeze: The Curtain Bible; BodyCloth: The Upholstery Bible, Better Earth, Silken Roots and Global Traveller, Colonial Melange.

Nesterra - Better Earth

Inspired from an amalgamation of nest (home) and terra (earth), Nesterra provides designs inspired by different personalities, driven with experiences and stories and spun in color to ‘Feature You’ in your décor. The brand also brings to life its very own and never seen before ‘trims’ that add character to its designs making it more distinctive and elegant in your space.


Nesterra’s bold and beautiful next-gen collections that are crafted keeping in mind your individuality include:


1. Bling and Glamour

Inspired from the bold and distinct, architectural geometrics and modern and intriguing textures, the designs are rendered with shimmering vivacity of gold and gems weaving an innate relationship with soft pastel hues.

2. Everyday Luxe 1 & 2

Bringing you an elegant blend of simplicity and grace, the collection spreads across 12 rich colors, featuring patterns, textures and exquisite craftsmanship through its different fabrics and trims thereby, making an everyday luxury for your home.

3. Deep Secrets

Showcasing the depths of the forests in all its raw glory, this collection speaks to the adventurers within us bringing the conflicting combination of wildness and tranquility with textures inspired by sparkling waters, the bark of trees and multi-colored iridescent wings of mysterious creatures.

4. Valley of Flowers

Tucked deep into quaint valleys surrounded by snow-clad mountains, is the collection inspired to capture the essence of this ethereal view of heaven on earth. Bold floral prints, delicate patterns, a blend of different textures and vibrant hues reminiscent of spring blooming. Exotic and exquisite.

5. Breeze: The Curtain Bible

Sharing a love affair with wind, in all its form and glory, the collection takes inspiration from the free-flowing movement of the breeze and its soothing impact. The pastel shades bring home the feelings of luxury, lightness and calm. The sheer, lightweight and supple fabrics create a beautiful movement against the wind reminding us of a bygone Indian summer night.

6. BodyCloth: The Upholstery Bible

A lush collection of luxurious and striking upholstery with a wide array ranging from fine to bold textures and soothing neutrals to vibrant colors - 12 different curated color stories presented in various stunning themes, this collection has something for everyone.

7. Better Earth

From vivid hues of shimmering waters and changing seasons, to bold patterns of foliage, textures or wildlife - Nature has inspired us to weave new stories, especially for the seeker in you.

8. Silken Roots

For a hint of indulgence, is a luxurious collection to drape the home in free-flowing silken weaves. The soft, satin fabric, with its embroidered leaves and woven honeycombs, multiple design techniques and great attention to detail have created the collection’s intricate patterns which can turn any surface in the home into a statement.

9. Global Traveller

A collection of ethnic designs and motifs of rare and rich cultures curated from far flung corners of the world. For the curious explorers and the culture buffs.

10. Colonial Melange collection

A premium collection featuring sheer, plain, and twill fabrics that lend a distinct colonial charm to your home. Designed with a discerning eye, the Melange collection’s heathered look is an inherent feature of the special yarn. Different colored yarns are typically mixed to produce muted shades that create the most exquisite style statements for your home interiors. Classic and evergreen the collection has a deep color line that leaves a customer spoilt for choice when styling their home. Minimalistic but premium, as a part of the brand’s sustainable efforts made from 100% cotton yarn.

Nesterra - Bling and Glamour


As we continue spending more time at home, the various spaces from our work stations to hangout spots have become an extension of our personality. Looking towards solutions that are representative of one’s character, Nesterra aims to address this increasing demand in the market with its products and services.


Speaking about brand’s launch, Mr. Updeep Singh Chatrath, President and CEO - Sutlej Textiles and Industries Ltd. said, “Sutlej Textiles has always been one of the foremost players in the B2B textiles business. As the consumer behavior continues to shift with new emerging trends, the new consumer values the purpose and the experiences that a brand provides. Hence, keeping the consumer at its core, the company completely transformed itself foraying into the B2C market with its new premium home furnishings brand in the upholstery and drapery segment - ‘Nesterra’, a brand that focuses on bringing the experience of world class and premium décor collection.”


Smita Joshi, VP Home Textiles and Design Expert, Nesterra further added, “Nesterra’s new collection is representative of a world where fabric, texture, colors and designs come together drawing experiences from across the globe to tell your story into these collections. We believe that your home should be a reflection of your personal style hence in terms of creativity and designs, the new collection expresses ‘featuring you’ through unique concepts in designs and illustrations. It gives each collection a very distinct state-of-the-art designs inspired by human experiences/personalities, nature, and things around you.”


Committed to sourcing responsibly and contributing to the #MakeInIndia movement, Nesterra is also making a conscious effort in bringing on board Indian artisans delivering high-quality designs and fabrics that match up to high-end international labels.


With an aim to provide soft furnishing solutions specially curated for the consumers, the brand is launching its diverse collection that will be available for homemakers across exclusive dealerships in retail stores throughout Tier I and Tier II cities further expanding to Tier III markets in the near future.


About Nesterra

Nesterra is a premium home furnishings brand in the upholstery and drapery segment from Sutlej Textiles & Industries that is part of the K. K. Birla Group that specialises in the manufacturing of yarns for the B2B sector. Nesterra, the company’s first ever brand extension focusing on a consumer-first approach draws inspiration from nature’s abode, curating elements from varied cultures that cater to every personality, diverse landscapes and experiences, seamlessly stitching them together to create a tapestry of colour, emotions, and stories one can call their own. Born from an amalgamation of nest (home) and terra (earth), Nesterra believes in bringing to life aesthetic living spaces brimming with nature, colour and personality. With a strong retail presence across Tier I & II markets, the brand will soon expand pan-India to cater to the Tier III markets as well. Along with wide network of multi-brand outlets providing creative solutions to the urban consumer looking for easy and convenient fixes with a technology enablement for visualization, Nesterra aims to help inspire Indian consumers redefine their interior landscape/living space.

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Nesterra - Better Earth
Nesterra - Better Earth
Nesterra - Bling and Glamour
Nesterra - Bling and Glamour
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