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SRAM & MRAM Witnesses Humungous Business Opportunities in the Recently Concluded C3 US-Arab Healthcare and Business Summit

11th Annual C3 US-Arab Healthcare and Business Summit to promote healthcare relationships in global markets

Oct 05, 2021 16:36 IST 
New York, United States

SRAM & MRAM Group, a leading conglomerate along with DM Link witnessed humungous business opportunities in the recently concluded C3 US-Arab Healthcare and Business Summit. The groups were collaborating on the healthcare relationships in global markets for the Healthcare Summit, which began on September 20, 2021, at the Union League Club in New York. The theme of this year's summit was "The impact of innovation, investment and global cooperation on healthcare & business". The Summit saw global leaders from 53 countries addressing the international delegation of more than 500 attendees.


C3 Summit


The event hosted eminent personalities like Mr. Pradeep Kapur, Former Ambassador of India & currently Professor at the University of Maryland were among the eminent people present at the summit. The Summit also saw eminent personalities like Dr. Maliha Hashmi, Executive Director, Health and Wellness, NEOM, KSA; Dr. Ann Aerts, Head, Novartis Foundation, Switzerland; Mr. Mick Merritt, COO, Penn Medicine, USA; Dr. Maan Fares, Chairman Global Patient Services, Cleveland Clinic, USA; Dr. Nureldin Satti, Ambassador to the US, Sudanese Embassy, Sudan; Honorable Lawrence Silverman, US Ambassador (ret), Kuwait; Dr. Djaoued Bedjaoui, UAE Embassy, UAE/Washington, D.C., etc.


The C3 summit was a noteworthy event for SRAM & MRAM as the group witnessed humungous business opportunities in the recently concluded Summit. The summit provided a unique platform for the collaboration with IKG Global Consultants to form strategic partnerships to promote Healthcare Technology, Education, and Exports and to develop an exchange that focuses on international businesses and academic institutions interested in creating new healthcare relationships in global markets.

The summit concluded with carrying forward the legacy of knowledge sharing between the stakeholders from the US and the Middle East. The gala event helped in establishing a new reality to advance healthcare and business opportunities for alternative solutions in science, healthcare, business, technology, and energy.


Speaking on the conclusion, Iram Kirmani, Director, Walletz4u quoted, “The C3 US-Arab Healthcare and Business Summit gave a unique platform for exchanging ideas for the advanced healthcare technology, products, and services. With the recently formed alliance, it gave us an important opportunity for setting new healthcare relationships in global markets.”


Sanjeev Kumar, Sales and Operations Director, SRAM & MRAM Group said, “We are happy with the participation. It offered us a unique business proposition to engage with stakeholders from the respective countries.” 


“With DM Link in the forefront, we were able to strategize our marketing and distributing exercise for Walletz4u that is owned by SRAM & MRAM Group. We saw overwhelming business alliances shaping up during the summit with our high-profile products,” quoted Vishal Ahuja, Global Sales Director, SRAM & MRAM Group.


Quoting on the development, Daljit Singh Khalsa, Founder and Director, DM Link General Trading said, “The C3 Summit is a game-changer since it offered us an opportunity for exchanging quality healthcare practices and technology. It also propelled new avenues and unparalleled business opportunities across the globe.”


About SRAM & MRAM Group

SRAM & MRAM Group is a United Kingdom-based conglomerate, founded in 1995. Today the group is the world’s leading public health emergency management solutions company.


Headquartered in the United Kingdom, the brand has offices in Cambodia, South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bahrain, Georgia, India & Bangladesh. The company’s core strengths lie in Agro-products and Information Technology, with footprints spread across multifarious services, verticals, and operations viz., Neural Networks, Artificial Intelligence, Hedge Fund Management, FOREX Management, Hospitality Services & Solutions, Information Technology, Media & Publishing, Embedded Systems, and Infrastructure. The brand also owns a chain of exclusive luxury hotels and resorts in Cambodia and Malaysia.


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Walletz4u is a flagship brand owned by SRAM & MRAM Group, manufacturer of their flagship ‘Medical Protection Supply’ products for consumers across the globe.


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About C3 Summit International

Held in New York City and Riyadh each year, the C3 Summits are the fastest growing and most important interdisciplinary global conferences for senior healthcare and business professionals in the US-Arab world. C3 focuses on the most important aspects of relations between the US and Arab World: Community, Collaboration, and Commerce, as it seeks to bridge divides through a better understanding between the regions. The C3 Summit collaborates with the U.S. State Department, The United Nations, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and dozens of government and business leaders. 


The theme of the 2021 C3 US-Arab Business Summit is The Impact of Innovation, Investment and Global Cooperation on Healthcare & Business.


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C3 Summit
C3 Summit
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