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Dhaanvi - A First-of-its-kind Farmland Focused on Creating Farm Experiences for Children

Dhaanvi by Hosachiguru is a space designed for children of all ages to engage in activities that bring them closer to nature

Dec 28, 2021 11:47 IST 
Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Hosachiguru, a farm asset management company, has launched ‘Dhaanvi’, a managed farmland that is focused on creating unique farm experiences for children. Located in Yerahalli in Thattiguppe village, a 60km drive from Kanakapura Road NICE Road junction, Dhaanvi by Hosachiguru provides an opportunity for parents and children to disconnect from city life and engage in activities that bring them closer to nature.

Dhaanvi Farmland by Hosachiguru

Dhaanvi Farmland by Hosachiguru was launched with a two-fold goal in mind - one, to provide an open space for children to appreciate and engage with nature, and become green enthusiasts and nature lovers of tomorrow, and two, to help children become the green superheroes of tomorrow by instilling in them the need and value of a green future. With this goal in mind, Hosachiguru has curated Dhaanvi where children can participate in activities like farming, tilling, animal petting, and harvesting, as well as storytelling, puppet performances, wall ball, hopscotch, and other games.


Parents who are interested in investing in ‘Dhaanvi’ get a chance to choose from farm plots available in sizes of 0.25 and 0.5 AC, price starting at 28L. Hosachiguru’s expert team of permaculturists maintains the farm while their on-site staff helps in maintaining the farmhouse and in curating offbeat farm experiences for buyers and their families. All the organic vegetables grown in the common area on farms are aggregated and sent to the customer’s home in the city every week at an additional cost. Owners can enjoy the organic produce and also visit the farm to enjoy the fruits grown on their trees. Every owner gets a dedicated number of stays at the eco-retreat set up on the farm on a timeshare basis. Additionally, owners and their families can indulge in activities such as farming, hiking, cycling, yoga and wellness activities, and celebrating festivities.

Commenting on the new launch, Srinath Setty, Co-founder, Hosachiguru, said, “We live in an age where digital screens have become one of the main sources of entertainment for children. We as parents have a responsibility to introduce our kids to experiences that are closer to nature. Farmland like Dhaanvi is a great way to let your child experience the magic of nature through fun activities such as farming, harvesting, and physical farm-based games. This not only makes them appreciate nature but it also empowers them to become green superheroes of tomorrow.”


The farmlands will also have herbal and vegetable permaculture gardens, an Ayurvedic wellness center, animal interactions at barns and Gaushalas, viewing decks & machans, camping sites, kids playing areas, and an activities center. Owners can also work from the farm with high-speed internet access at designated areas.


To know more about Dhaanvi, visit or call +91 9513464100.


About Hosachiguru 

Started by Srinath Setty, Ashok J, and Sriram Chitlur in 2014, Hosachiguru was founded with a two-fold goal - one, to give back to the environment by growing trees instead of structures, two, to help individuals easily own, manage and reap the benefits of farmland. The idea behind Hosachiguru is to create farmlands that are environmentally and economically sustainable. Hosachiguru picks farmlands based on important parameters such as clear land titles, soil, water availability, and connectivity. Once the owner invests in the farmland, Hosachiguru will grow and maintain trees and crops of the land owner’s choice. The owners are free to choose fruits, flowers, and timber trees of their choice. Landowners enjoy multiple benefits of farmland ownership. They can build their own weekend homes on 10% of their farmland. 


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Dhaanvi Farmland by Hosachiguru
Dhaanvi Farmland by Hosachiguru
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