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Cerebralx Launches Xone, Innovative and Affordable Solutions for the Specially-abled

Jan 10, 2022 11:54 IST 
Mohali, Chandigarh, India

Cerebralx Innovation Hub Private Limited today announced the launch of Xone, its flagship product for the specially-abled. Cerebralx headquartered in Mohali, India is enhancing and restoring human life with their new and innovative solutions focussed on the most crucial problems faced by humans on a day-to-day basis. Cerebralx builds thought-powered devices that allows you to communicate and interact with your surroundings.


Ayush Mahajan - Founder Cerebralx


The company which deals in architectural, engineering and other technical activities, is spearheaded by its Founder - Ayush Mahajan.


Xone is a brain reading headset, that has exceptional potential, the vertical of assistive technology. The solution enables you to visualise your brainwaves, communicate and interact with your surroundings in a unique way. It has a huge range of potential medical applications, including monitoring a patient's mental health, diagnosing concussions, to allowing paralyzed patients to control electric wheelchairs.


Speaking at the occasion Ayush Mahajan, Founder and Developer - Cerebralx said, “My passion for innovation and my curiosity drove me towards to the intersection of artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, robotics and biomedical technology. I apply my broad technical and business knowledge to address pressing questions concerning healthcare. If not for anything else, the COVID-19 pandemic has definitely uprooted the most obvious issue in our healthcare system, which is slow upgradation to innovative technology and affordability for all. I think with the launch of Xone by Cerebralx, we will be paving the way for more such grass root innovations to take place in India.”


With Xone, Cerebralx aims to bring a change in the daily scenario where the devices help you live better. Carrying out an activity which proves difficult for an individual due to physical limitations will be solved directly with the interpretation of brainwaves. The anxiety of leaving the gas on when you are out can be diminished with just a thought to switch it off. Cerebralx is pioneering the shift to a better world starting today.


Other modules include STEM kits to encourage children to understand technology through a more hands on approach. It enables creativity and inculcates curiosity to facilitate growth in the minds of younger generation that will in turn lead to a fast-paced evolution in the technological sector.


Additionally, Cerebralx has created a single board computer with a wide range of applications.


Technology of the future remains a word of the past when you’re introduced with Cerebralx’s product range that’s full of gadgets you see on TV shows and movies. What’s more? It’s a Made in India initiative enabling growth to Indian economy and social standards.


The company is working on more projects in the entertainment, health and wellness, and AR/VR realms. For more information about Cerebralx Innovative Solutions, please log onto


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Ayush Mahajan - Founder Cerebralx
Ayush Mahajan - Founder Cerebralx
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