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Smith & Jones Macaroni Pasta Masala - Makes Macaroni Dishes Even Tastier

Jan 28, 2022 15:45 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Over the past years, the consumption of macaroni and pasta in India has reached a new height. It has deeply penetrated into the Indian households as a part of daily meals. Rising number of people, especially the youngsters and children, often slurp over a bowl of yummy macaroni as breakfast meal or evening snack. Sometimes it also accommodates as a side dish in Indian platter.


According to the latest reports by IMARC Group, the value of Indian Pasta market (including Macaroni) had crossed USD 390 million (around INR 2,888 crore) in 2020. Moreover, during the pandemic, a sharp spike in the sales of pasta was observed. A recent report in a national daily says that the consumption volumes of pasta in India between mid-April and mid-July 2021, jumped three-and-a-half times, from 2,200 tonnes to more than 7,600 tonnes.


Smith & Jones Macaroni Pasta Masala - 9 grams


The key factors that are propelling this growth are increasing demand for ready-to-eat foods and evolving lifestyle. Mothers prefer to cook it with veggies and Indian spices in desi style which makes the kids happy and satisfied. Because of these factors, companies are always in a run to launch innovative products that would make macaroni dishes taste even better. Capital Foods, one of the leading food companies of India, is a pioneer is this segment as it’s Smith & Jones Pasta Masala helps one cook delicious macaroni dishes right at home. The product is specially designed to suit the Indian taste palette. Choicest spices are blended with care in right proportions to offer a mouthwatering experience, every time.


Smith & Jones Pasta Masala is easily available in any retail store at an affordable price. The 9 grams sachet is available in the market for just Rs. 5, which is enough for making one plate of great-tasting macaroni dish. All you need to do is mix it evenly while sauting the boiled macaroni with vegetables, and the aromatic, scrumptious meal is ready. For a bigger family, they have the 108 grams sachet that is available for Rs. 60/-.

Smith & Jones Macaroni Pasta Masala - 9 grams
Smith & Jones Macaroni Pasta Masala - 9 grams
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