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Get the Dual Advantage of High FD Rates and Deposit Safety with Bajaj Finance FD

Feb 04, 2022 12:37 IST 
Pune, Maharashtra, India

Irrespective of one’s profession, investing and saving is prudent financial planning to achieve one’s life goals. One must invest as per their risk appetite, long - or short-term goals, liquidity requirements, and retirement for future security. 


Get the Dual Advantage of High FD Rates and Deposit Safety with Bajaj Finance FD


To ensure high returns without taking on high risk, one must have a well-balanced and diversified investment portfolio. While investing in market-linked instruments is beneficial for high returns, it also exposes investors to a higher risk of depleting one’s capital. So, it is pertinent that one adds some non-volatile investment options like a fixed deposit to their portfolio. Secured and attractive FD rates not only protect and diversify one’s portfolio but can also help one meet short-term financial goals. Bajaj Finance Fixed Deposit is a safe and secured investment tool in a constantly volatile market and offers high FD rates. With this investment avenue, one can earn generous returns, protect one’s investment portfolio, and easily access it as per their needs.


Read on to know how a Bajaj Finance FD with attractive FD interest rates can help plan investments.


Invest now without waiting to put together a large sum

The sooner one invests, the higher the returns are, helping one grow their wealth beating market volatility and inflation. The earlier one invests and the longer the tenor of investment, the higher the interest earnings are due to compounding. This is not a certainty with most investment options out there. However, one can start their investment journey today by investing just Rs. 25,000 in a Bajaj Finance FD. This is all the amount one needs to get started, ensuring they do not lose out on taking advantage of high FD rates and earn significant returns on maturity. 


Attractive FD interest rates going up to 7.05% for senior citizens and 6.80% for others make the Bajaj Finance FD an ideal instrument to park funds to meet certain life goals. It protects one against market volatility while helping grow their wealth.


Start early and remain invested for longer tenors

To ensure that one meets their financial goals, it is best to remain invested for longer tenors. It increases the chances of growing the capital significantly. Investors also get better, higher interest earnings this way. They can invest anywhere from 12 to 60 months in a Bajaj Finance FD. Taking advantage of its high FD rates, one can earn generous returns without taking too much risk. FD interest rates vary as per the tenor length and type of investorThey can easily calculate their interest amount and total returns using the FD calculator online. 


Choosing the highest tenor, that is 60 months, promises handsome payouts, thanks to the magic of compounding. To understand this better, take a look at the table below. 


Type of investor

Amount invested (Rs.)

Interest rate (%)

Tenor (months)

Interest earned (Rs.)

Total returns on maturity (Rs.)

Citizen aged below 60






Citizen aged below 60






Senior citizen investor






Senior citizen investor







Kick-starting investment plans in advance by investing in instalments

Not having enough funds, especially when investors are young or have other financial commitments, can slow down their investment journey. One can easily overcome this by regularly making small contributions to the portfolio every month. Remember, consistency is key to prudent investment and not volume.


To help one get started, Bajaj Finance FD allows investors to start small with its Systematic Deposit Plan (SDP). Using this facility, one can begin investing as little as Rs. 5000 every month. Every deposit contributes to a new FD with the FD interest rates prevalent on the day they start the deposit. Bajaj Finance allows one to choose a flexible tenor for all FDs. This helps them plan their maturity dates for each deposit as per their financial goals, giving them complete control over their returns.


Bajaj Finance online Fixed Deposit promises high FD rates and complete security of the invested amount. With the highest ratings of MAAA and FAAA from ICRA and CRISIL, respectively, investors do not have to worry about their capital once invested. 

Get the Dual Advantage of High FD Rates and Deposit Safety with Bajaj Finance FD
Get the Dual Advantage of High FD Rates and Deposit Safety with Bajaj Finance FD
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