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CHP Finance Launches 1 Click Sal, Aims to Help Companies in Providing Timely Salary

Feb 07, 2022 15:37 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Be it the last day of a month or the first day of a month, employees look forward to getting the much-awaited "salary credited" text on their phones. A delay in getting the salary can not only affect their monthly budget but also leaves them stressed. But stress no more as CHP Finance is aiming to make timely salary payouts possible with their new product called 1 Click Sal.


Ms. Leena Malik


Ms. Leena Malik, the visionary behind this innovative idea, said, "We are looking at this product not only from a commercial perspective but also because this is the need of the hour in the post-COVID era. We all have to do our bit to bring India Inc back into a stable zone after these repeated disruptions. 1 Click Sal will boost the confidence of enterprises who realize the immense worth of timely salary payouts in their employee retention, company stability and growth plans." 


She further explained that by using this facility not just the employees but even the employers will be at peace as far as the salaries are concerned. "Ease of sanction and disbursements are the USP on which 1 Click Sal is riding. Companies seeking unsecured loans can now visit to upload their basic documentation and get their financial limits set up. This loan is explicitly for the purpose of bridging any cash-flow shortfalls on salary day," she said. 


And even if a company has a weak credit score, CHP Finance has a solution for that. Adds Ms. Leena Malik, "We are trusting the business acumen of our target segments more than just relying on what their financials or credit scores are displaying. There is more to businesses than these and we want to try to create a broader perspective in our lending DNA.


With the launch of 1 Click Sal, CHP Finance is adding another product called 1 Click Adv. As the name suggests, it will help employees with advance payouts in case of an emergency or sudden expenses. Looking at the current state of the Indian economy, which is in a recovery mode, 1 Click Sal can play an important role in providing that financial cushion.

Ms. Leena Malik
Ms. Leena Malik
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