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After Making Monsoons Fashionable for 30 Years, Classic Umbrella Goes Online with Wholesale Website

Feb 24, 2022 16:47 IST 
Delhi, India

There's only hope that the upcoming monsoon washes away the pandemic, but since that's unlikely to happen, it's only wise to prepare for the season by gearing up with sturdy umbrellas that soothe the eyes and add colour to the gloom of a pandemic-ridden monsoon. 


Business owners who are eyeing the monsoon to introduce new umbrella designs in the market are in for a joyride, as a 30-year-old family-owned business - Classic Umbrella - is making umbrella purchase and catalogue acquisition more than just a customary business act. This Monsoon, Get Fashionable with Sturdy Umbrellas at wholesale rates


Being a wholesale store running since 1990, Classic Umbrella features inventory for men, women, children, outdoors, and corporations. There is a wide range of custom umbrella options too. The website makes it easier to acquire a wide variety of designs and ranges at wholesale rates. Those interested in buying wholesale umbrellas this monsoon can directly inquire about the deliverability and rates of these umbrellas.


Introducing Classic Umbrella Online Store


Classic Umbrella is run by Vashist Maheshwari, who "takes pride" in manufacturing premium umbrellas that are durable, functional and provide value for money.


"We provide the best in class quality at affordable rates to ensure that our customers get access to the best," he said. Of course, when we refer to this incredible range, we are not discussing merely difference in colour! Classic prides itself on its wide array of umbrellas ranging from fancy pieces such as vintage parasols to incredibly high-quality items made out of materials as durable as pongee cloth! Classic follows the unique ideology of not merely appealing to practicality, but also to style and aesthetic to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers! Not only this, but Classic also strives to provide excellent quality at bargain prices to help make your rainy-day needs be easily available and affordable to everyone! Unlike many companies, we value our customers and their feedback is critical to our growth and development!


With hundreds of varieties to choose from and deals that leave a large profit scope for resellers, Classic Umbrella looks forward to being the top umbrella manufacturer and supplier in India and making monsoons safe and fashionable.

Introducing Classic Umbrella Online Store
Introducing Classic Umbrella Online Store
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