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Aqar Chain Launches NFT Marketplace for it's MetaVerse AqarLand

Feb 24, 2022 17:05 IST 
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India a blockchain powered real estate asset tokenization platform, today launched the NFT Marketplace for its MetaVerse AqarLand. whose aim is to create a decentralized ecosystem where investment in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market. This aim is achieved by minting real estate NFT and fractionalizing it. This is the World’s First Decentralized Real Estate NFT marketplace with a MetaVerse. Aqar Chain has also launched staking of fractional tokens, and Land NFT’s. Partnering with gaming applications for virtual land utility.


Mr. Waqas Nakhwa - CEO, Aqar Chain


AqarLand will be launched as the first virtual land sold at real world real estate prices. AqarLand is the Virtual Land Metaverse of the Aqar Chain platform. This Metaverse land consists of 26,118 land parcels in the map Jazeera ONE. The assets here can be used to populate the land and develop for user monetization. The land with the assets can be imported in the land exploration game of AqarLand.


Commenting on the occasion Mr. Waqas Nakhwa - CEO, Aqar Chain said, “This NFT marketplace ensures our users to engage more in the virtual world with real utility. We had previously launched the real estate NFT fractionalization, now we have a marketplace to purchase the utility NFT for AqarLand.”


NFT Marketplace

Aqar Chain’s ( NFT Marketplace that will host NFT’s in multiple categories. All NFTs sold on this marketplace will be used on the AqarLand or in the games in the AqarLand Metaverse. These NFT’s will be released in gradual form starting in phase 1 with immediate land populating NFT’s that can also be monetized.


The AqarLand P2E game which has land exploration as a theme will be available in Q2 of 2022, and all these NFT’s and the land will be available for use. Users will be able to purchase NFT’s on this newly launched marketplace with Aqar Chain native utility token. The NFT’s can be viewed on opensea and traded on opensea or any other NFT marketplace for secondary trade.


AqarLand Assets

The NFT Marketplace is launched with its primary collection called AqarLand Assets. This collection will have 31 unique NFT’s with a cumulative supply of 4475 variations and traits. Out of this total 3600 NFT’s will be available for sale on this Marketplace. These NFT’s listed on the marketplace in the first release will mainly consist of Land populating NFT’s that are very much part of the AqarLand game. One of the key features will be creating farm land and creating various assets and utilities for the game. Early adopters of this supply of NFT will have an option to collect the premium assets.


This collection will have another set of NFT’s coming into sale in another fortnight and also releasing a new collection for the game. This is a wonderful opportunity to collect these premium NFT’s before any one else.


About Aqar Chain is digitizing the Real Estate industry with an end-to-end platform that enables a seamless online experience for the users. Aqar Chain is a blockchain-powered real estate investing platform whose aim is to create a decentralized ecosystem where investment in real estate is as easy as investing in shares on the stock market. The aim is achieved by fractionalizing the real estate properties.

Mr. Waqas Nakhwa - CEO, Aqar Chain
Mr. Waqas Nakhwa - CEO, Aqar Chain
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